Day Two of Riverboat Days 2018

Day two of River Boat Days, and lots of places to be and lots of thing to do, and it is another screaming hot day out. Our time is limited because we decided to change it up a little differently as compared to last year, but more or less, we started the day off early. We noticed that the town was a little bit less active as compared to last year, but this could be from all the heat, and possibly from more people leaving town for road trips. Hard to tell, but the town was busy enough. So, our first stop: Soap Box Races.

So the Soap Box Racing course was in the Skeena Mall parking lot, at the West Side of it. It was not a large course, but good enough for the soap box racers to glide by down. This was one event that we should have stayed a lot long to watch becuase apparently they had some famous locals racing each other. That would have been fun to see. Anyway, the cute thing I saw while we were there was an RCMP Officer using his photo radar gun to clock the speeds the drivers were doing through the race. We only stayed for a couple of races before we moved one to the next events.

It is no secret that Suz loves purple. She has many garments, and items with that colour, and even on this hot summer day, she showed her both inner and outer colour–purple. This was her favourite soap box racer, obviously. Sadly, she could not take it for a test drive, and I am sure the owner would not let her take it home. Yes, a match made in heaven.

Right across the street (Lakeles Avenue) was the men’s and women’s beach volleyball tournaments. Just like last year, sand was laid down on the parking lot, so the players had a nice 30cm layer of it to play on. The shot above are a couple of teams of the women’s three on three team playing. We stayed and watched this for a while before we moved to our next stop.

We drove into Thornhill, on the West side of the Skeena River, where I live, and stopped at the Northern Motor Inn, who were hosting the Slinger’s Races. The idea is teams from different restaurants complete against each other by going through an obstacle course, slinging a try full of glasses and bottles filled with water. Just like servers in real life, you have to navigate as you would in a real life bar. And yes, there were many spills! In the shot above, I just caught this server loosing her glasses full of water on the ground,costing her points as she approached the finish line. It was fun to watch. The Northern Motor Inn came in second place.

As we wrapped up the day, we drove out to Onion Lake around midnight, and on a very clear star-lit night sky, to see the shooting stars. I also wanted to do some night sky photography, being the night was so clear. I got some incredible shots of the Milky Way! Yes, we lots of shooting stars too–no disappointments here. The perfect ending to an awesome day!

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