The Terrace Street Fair 2018

It is the annual Terrace Street Fair, on main street (Lakelse Avenue) where they close a block, of the down town core, to street performers and vendors, where you can do arts and crafts and enjoy some local entrainment. This year, as usual, the weather awesome. It was another warm day. When we got into town, down to the block party, there were some Belly Dancers, dancing away, in their costumes. This was a family event, so there were lots of fun stuff for the kids, and adults.

We did not stay very long, partly to how hot it was, and also we needed to get ready for our main adventure, which I will post about in the next post. There were a few people, mostly sitting in the shaded areas, enjoying the sites, that we saw. There were also some artists pain picture right on the street that you buy, or bid on. And there lost of art that you could also buy that was on display. Oh, and the kids games seems to be a hit with the kids, as long as it was in the shade.

You can probably see in these photos that the day brought with it lots of smoky skies from the forest fires up in the Telegraph Creek area, further North of Terrace. As the winds blew to the South, the sky got more smoky, until you could hardly see the mountains across the Skeena Valley. The top image, looking East towards Thornhill, BC, you could just make out Copper Mountain, The image below, looking West on Lakesle Avenue, Mount Remo and Sleeping Beauty Mountains were just faint outlines.

Now on to our next adventure…. Back to Redsands Lake!


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