Moving Stuff, and Calling It Home

Well, the sad truth is, I really wanted to move out of here as soon as possible, buying my own place, but the forces of the Canadian Real Estate Markets are still out of control, out of reach, as of yet. Actually, the problem is, all that is left to buy are monster homes, and “push-downs,” so what great deals do pop-up, the land is bought in hours. I am also still building my credit score and “earning” my value with my Bank, so I figure by this October I should be ready to start asking. But anyway, today is unpack and move the furniture out, becuase it is looking like I am staying in my compartment for a while longer. I am getting a really great deal living here, so I might as well hunker down and call it home.

The forest fire rating is still into the “Extreme,” and it is still hot and dry. Rumour has it that it might rain a little bit next weekend, but it is a rumour, and I am not counting on it. We hit 32C today, and not a cloud in the sky. This is not the North Coast I am used to.

So, since I am indoors, with the Air Conditioning on, I might as well start fully unpacking from my move back a year ago. I bought a futon sofa from Ikea, and it arrived back on Friday, so I will move that into place, along with my chairs and small tables. I got three sets of shelves too, for all my books from University. I am going with the wood finish, to match the floor and walls of the compartment. I like it, so I might as well go with the look. I am starting to notice a more “feel-better” mood now that I am doing this. I am going to go with this and see how it looks when I am done.


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