An Actioned Packed Weekend, So Lets Go!

Me and Suz, have a lot going on for this weekend. Tomorrow, we are heading over to Smithers, BC for the Bulkley Valley Fall Fair, which should take up the whole day, and among the stops we have planed, we want to check out the Kayak Store along the highway just before Smithers. I know we will not get back to Thornhill until very late. Right now, at work, the day had been crazy busy–not to mention–another hot day.

I guess I should mention some stuff about work while I am here. I had my Inventory Day, last Monday. It went, with no troubles, but there were a couple of snags. The network for the scanners went down, and I thought I was going to have to do some overtime, but thankfully that never happened. The network went back up an hour later, and I breathed a sigh if relief. I was prepared for the event, even though it was supposed to be a spot-type inspection. When you can see the patterns and stock purchases, you can sort of guess what is about to happened. They like to load you up with new/fresh product before you get a request to do the Inventory, so I saw it coming. I planned for it. It paid off: only taking me less than three hours to complete.

You know when you got the job down to a “science,” when you can anticipate when management will need something. On Wednesday, I decided to do a mini audit of outstanding product that our supply-chian has been slow on bringing in, so sure enough, that day I got a call to prepare a list for the top-boss. I waited a bit, to appear that I was slaving away, then submitted it to them. At the end of the day, I got the standard congratulatory “pat on the back” for doing a stellar job. Sure, I will take it. Just wish I could cash it in for some extra money. (place smile here).

Well, better get ready for tomorrow. We are going to hear out tonight for a little while, then head to bed early for a early start on the road. Well, that is the plane.

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