The 2018 Bulkley Valley Fall Fair: We Make It!

We left Thornhill, BC around 9:30am, already an half hour late. But Suz, made good time on the highway, and she never speeds–never–which is a great thing. We stopped off at the Kayak store, looked around, then headed for an early brunch at a Mexican Restaurant in Smithers, then off to the Fall Fair. We saw a lot of stuff, and did not see a lot of events that we wanted to do, only becuase we got into town so late. When we got back to Thornhill, it was well after midnight. An awesome time, and my butt feels it from all the driving.

We like trying new things. There is no sense going to a distant town, doing the same old thing you did the year before. So when we got into Smithers, BC, we changed it up a bit. Our first stop was the Kayak Shop. ( I am not going to list their name here just yet.) We are thinking, still, about getting kayaks. A friend suggested that we check this store first before we buy becuase they are more pro sports than any other store on the North Coast. Yes, they did have a lot of inventory, but their prices were a little on the high side. I guess if you want good stuff, you pay for it. They did not have cheap stuff. Anyway, we have a better idea of what we should get moving forward. It was worth the stop, looking around for ideas.

We had some yummy food over at the “The Trackside Cantina,” right in Smithers BC for our brunch. The food was awesome. An Awesome place for when you are in the mood for Mexican!

We got to the fair grounds around 1:00pm, which is unusually late for us. But we got a great parking spot, very close to the second gate, which had hardly any line-up to get in. And, as we figured out at the end of the day, was very close to where we sat for the Rodeo! That alone, made the day there awesome!

We hit the Arts and Crafts displays first. There were the usual stuff to see, but some of the entries did stick out for me. Like this exhibit, which looks to me like a close rendition of the “Stranger Things 2” monster from Netflix – in my humble opinion. Well, you judge for yourself.

Then onto the equestrian events. There is nothing more awesome than seeing Man at one with the animals, but seeing women with their horses, taking it to the next level. I forgot what this event is called, maybe Suz can refresh my mind, but these women, with their horses, we awesome as they did this  obstacle course.  And every rider had issues with different parts, making this exciting to watch. Some horses hated the water, while they blasted through the rest of the course, and others could not do the balancing box, yet had no troubles going through the water. It was fun to watch.

After we did some more exploring, we got to our seats over at the Rodeo. We made sure we got good seats this time, compared to the ones we had last year. We were too close to the fence last time, so I could not get any good shots with the camera. This time–it was awesome! I got so many awesome shots, it will take me days before I pick out the good ones. So here are a couple of random shots I picked:

Yes, way better shots this year! Not having a fence on the road, is awesome! Lots of action shots, using my 28 to 300mm Telephoto lens, in Aperture Priority Mode, with the ISO set to Auto, on my Sony A77. The clouds were thick making it overcast this year, so my light metre was all over the place, so having the ISO set to auto, between 100 to 28,000, made the difference.

Like I said, I had so many great shots to pick from, I could have spent the whole night just going through them all tonight. I think I took aver 800 shots of just the Rodeo time alone. I will have time later on this week to go through them all–yes, that time issue–not enough of it.

Needless to say, we got home super late. In all, we had a great time. I would do this again. Now, time for some rest. I will correct my grammar and spelling tomorrow.

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