August Sunset Over Terrace, BC

After dinner, we drove up to the Arena/Sportsplex, along Kalum Avenue in Terrace, and parked the car, looking West, a perfect view of the setting Sun. Armed, still with my camera, I wanted to get this evening’s sunset because there were a lot of clouds in the sky, unlike most nights with the cloudless days we have been getting used to, so I anticipated a nice show. Sure enough, as predicted, the sunset was as awesome as you could get. Setting at about 9:00pm daylight savings time, in the evening, the event was early enough that getting ready for work for Monday was great, I was in bed by 10:00pm. So I took about twenty shots before calling it quits.

This shot was close to the end of the sunset, before the light was gone. It happened fairly fast too, about half an hour, from when the clouds turned to a pink colour, to total darkness. The above shot was just before the sky went dark, so another five minutes before then. I love the orange! The weekend is now over, same with the summer–sigh.

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