The Unofficial End to Summer is Here.

It is over: August, summer and those warm and cosy long days. The last blast of our extremely hot and dry seems to be coming to an end. It has been quite the season, to say the least. This year will go down in the record books for one of the driest summer here on the North West Coast. With the golden lawns and water restrictions still in place, we did very good as a community. In all, I am glad to see the rains return, and along with it, the clouds and cooler weather. My tan, well that does not look like it is fading any time soon. Oh yes, the State Run baby sitter starts up next week–beware that traffic at school zones.

As of today, the forest fire rating is still in the “Extreme,” with camp fire bands still in effect. Even though we are getting overcast skies, and some precipitation, it is not enough to quench the forests thirst. For example, at the for-way stop, there was a large backhoe clearing the trees to make way for the yet to be constructed Round-a-about at the junction of Highway 16, and 36 in Thornhill, BC, and seeing the soil, it was dry and dusty–as the rain fell. So, even thought I am not an expert on forest management, as a lay person, I can tell you that the forest is still extremely dry.

Camp fire bans are still in effect, with the exception of Ferry Island within the municipality of Terrace, BC. For me this make sense, as it is an island surrounded by the Skeena River. If the place did catch fire from a run-away camp fire, the likelihood of the fire spreading into the neighbouring forest is very low. Though with the extreme weather conditions I see, this might be risk, but that is why we insure our homes and property–right.

The young ones start their time at the institutions next week. As their little mind get moulded into socially fit individuals, parents breath sighs of relief, as they can continue with their careers, and paying for the respite. Yes, I am talking about schools opening up next week, and the dangers of roads lined with kids. Beware, and be vigilant, keeping an eye out for wondering young ones must be top of mind when starting your commute on Tuesday morning. At least I am lucky in this sense as my commute does not take me through any School Zones on my way to work.

I am planning on an easy, no frills, weekend. With the long weekend, I plan on completing my unpacking that started a year ago. As it looks like I will be staying here longer than I expected, I might as well make it more of a home. Right now, today, I am hanging photos, most from last month–just to brighten up the place. This weekend will be a low impact one, with my itinerary wide open with nothingness–but filled with goodness. Place large smile here.

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