The Last Long Weekend of Summer Comes to a Close.

Sadly it has arrived, and we pay homage to its last moments, spending it out at the river, so we say can farewell summer, farewell. The day was awesome, bright and warm, and everyone was outside enjoying it seemed. We decided to spend the afternoon over at the Fishermen’s Memorial Park, where the Kitsumkalum River meets the Skeena River. Here, there are boat launches, the bridge that takes you to Prince Rupert on Highway 16, and the Train Trestle that also follows the river Westward, but best of all, it is a park just on the outskirts of town, just a five minute drive.

We sat and stared at the twinkling sunlight dancing on the water, as the Sun sank lower into the West. We knew that this possibly could be the last time we will see the waters like this until next year. Yes, coming soon is the wet season that the North West Coast is so famous for. And that is what makes today so special: it is the Sun, the summer’s heat, and everyone enjoying and relaxing in these moments. The kids go back to their schools, and the working class will ramp up to meet the demands of the Winter Markets, and everyone else should be preparing for the up coming winter ahead.

As I was exploring out by the shore, out on the rocks I came upon this, a painted stone of a Ladybug, glued to the rocks underneath the trestle. Right now, you can walk to it becuase the river is very low, but in a few weeks it might be under water. It was cute, as I walked over it. I thought someone had a great sense of humour, and some time, and extra glue they did not want any more. It made me laugh, and Suz., too when she seen it through my camera’s view finder. Could this be a “guy” lady bug, I wonder?

A picture perfect day, indeed, with blue sky and warm air, plus the glacier green water of the Kitsumkalum River, you could not ask for a better day to sit by the river. What a summer! Packed with many sunny filled days, and one of the driest seasons on record, I think summer 2018 will be one for the record books. Bye-bye summer…. sniff-sniff.

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