The Wet Stuff Has Arrived

The days are getting wetter, and shorted, all signs of the impending season of doom, …er, humm, winter! Sure, we have fall as the next official season, but around here, we jump from summer, right into the winter, skipping fall altogether. But, hold on, they (the weather prognosticators) are saying that we may in fact have another one of the those El NiƱo winters, when it just rains the whole season. Which would be in stark contrast to last winter we got, in the first dump, up to 30cm, ending up with a combined 110cm, sticking around becuase the rest of the year stayed frozen. But nonetheless, I kind of look forward to this becuase it would mean less getting stuck in the car, and I can leave that shovel in the shed. But the snow was kind of interesting, having not seen so much of it in thirty years, from my old home.

In the image, above, is the top of Thornhill Mountain, showing the Snowmobile Emergency Hut, and an antenna (possibly the RCMP repeater) that I took from Suzette’s place. It sorts of gives you an idea of her Eastern view from her house. The mountain is about 2600 metres high, and I think this is one of the higher parts. But you can see the clouds, and they are all around–completely overcast with drizzle.

However, it has not all been just rain, rain, and more rain. The weather front is divided up into little cells, or mini-systems, so you get isolated showers instead of the all-day shower. Once in a while, the Sun’s rays do reach the ground, for an hour or so.

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