Thornhill BC Fall Fair – Part One – Off to the Zucchini Races.

Well, that time of the year already, it is the 2018 Thornhill Fall Fair, and just like last year, a little on the damp side. But all was good as we sped off to the fair grounds, which are just across the main highway from my house. We drove. I had no trouble getting a good parking spot, and after paying our fare, we headed off to the zucchini race trace, just making the beginning of the event before they start the races. The turnout was good, about the same as it was last year, and the number of participants look to be a little more too this year. The tension was in the air, as the racers got their zucchinis into position. It is race time!

The first event was the best looking zucchini. Of the thirty or so shots, I cannot find that one. As for the race track itself, conditions were good, with just a little rain on the surface, the Sun poked through the clouds just making the track dry enough for some good racing. The race ramp was set-up, and ready for the first group. The second part of the race was the fastest zucchini. They raced 24 zucchinis, in eight races. However, at any time, a zucchini could also go the distance, and win the furthest zucchini.  So zucchini number ten was the one to watch out for.

This was a shot of zucchini number 10, the Baby Zucchini, just before it broke the all time distance, by just reaching the other end of the court, by 30cm. I believe number 10, also came in third, over all, as the fastest zucchini, wining twice out of four races. Yes, the Baby Zucchini maybe still wearing a diaper and sucking on a soother, but she rips down the track like there is no tomorrow. And for the owner, well, she was unbelievably excited too, driven by an eight year old girl from Thornhill, BC.

I think the biggest entertainment was watching the zucchini racers enjoying themselves. This was a good turn out this year, and I was happy to see a few people supporting the Zucchini Races this year– my second year as a spectator. Job well done zucchini racers–well done!

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