Thornhill BC Fall Fair – Part Three – Horses to Flowers Then the Veggies

Part three of my Thornhill Fall Fair visit, or, I should have said it this way, “The Skeena Valley Fall Fair.” Yes, I forgotten the proper titles of the event, my apologies. This is indeed the Skeena Valley Fall Fair, not just Thornhill’s. OK, now that that is out of the way, let me get on with the final leg of the adventure. We did the Four H Club, watching the cows and chickens, along with the bunnies, but then there was the equestrian events, which I do not fully understand, but was fun to watch nonetheless. Then we ended off with the indoor events, where art and plants get judged, and you can view the results. There were some interesting things to see.

Every once in a while, I see something that catches my eye, and these flowers sure did. I love the colours that these flowers had. It was too bad there was not enough light to capture their full essence. These really would have looked awesome with the speed-light, or just some more sunlight. This was as good as I could get with the light that I had. It was raining by this time. I know Suzette likes these too… becuase of their purple colours. It is just eye catching.

OK, first off, this building was hard to get a good shot in becuase of how it was lit. Again, I needed a super strong flash to get the right colour and quality I want. Secondly, the ladies with their horses, how could you not walk passed an equestrian event, and not have a look. Sure, if you hate girls and horses, you could walk by, but I do not know anyone like that. I am not sure what is going on here with this event. I know there are judges who ask the riders to walk the horses around, make them stop, then make them move again. Most of the time they stand still, waiting for their turn. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, and the horses seem to not care.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh out loud, and enjoy the exhibits. These carrots made me go, “awwwwww,” as I stood there looking at them. Yes, “Two Carrots in a Loving Embrace,” is what I would call this, or something “twisted” like that. This one won first place, so others liked them too. There were many other exhibits to see, and a few booths with merchandise for sale as well. Sadly, at 4:40pm, it ended, and we made our way to the car to go for a drive around town.

Me and Suz., were thinking that it would be awesome to enter something for next year. I was thinking maybe a photograph or two, and see where I stand with the judges at the Fall Fair? Not sure what she would enter, but I am sure it would awesome too. See you all next year at the Skeena Valley Fall Fair!

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