Thornhill BC Fall Fair – Part Two – Racing Rabbits 4 H Style

On to the next event at the Thornhill BC Fall Fair, as we head off to the Rabbit Races at the Four H Club. Actually, this was more like an obstacle course, than a race track for rabbits. The idea here is to help and run your rabbit through a maze of obstacles. You can lead your rabbit, push it, and even give it treats through the course, but you cannot pick it up while in the race, though if the rabbit does leave the course, then picking it up and putting it back on the track is acceptable. This was fun to watch, and if you have ever owned a rabbit, you can see how much of a challenge this is.

Like all races done with animals, there is a level of unpredictability, and with rabbits, case and point. The above image, the owner and rabbit raced through the course in record time, and with no trouble at all. The rabbit was in top form, and easily navigated through the course in under a couple of minutes. However, the girl(s) before him were quite another story.

The rabbit, named after a a character from the motion picture “Star Wars,” was not so happy to be on the course. The tow young girls who were in charge of him, was having the most difficult time controlling what direction the rabbit was hopping to. Not once, but three times the poor rabbit hopped back to the starting line, only to be picked up and turned around to race the course–again. The girls did manage to get their rabbit through the course, but it took some might.

Most of the racing rabbits make it through the course in good time. And for the record, no rabbits were harmed throughout the event. All in good fun.

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