Shooting RAW, at Night

You can feel it in the air, summer is almost done, as we enter our next season, the cold season. After the Skeena Valley Fall Fair, me and Suz., took a drive out to the lake towards Kitimat, then drove back. I had the camera with me, and thought why not try some nights shots, figuring that it is overcast with clouds from the North, and partly clearing from the South, I might get some interesting results with the weather from around town. If you know me, I do a lot of night time photography, and I have a 6TB drive to prove it, but every time I get out, something different always pops up to shoot that looks possible awesome. I shoot with a Sony Alpha 77v, with a variety of lenses, and the camera is still going after four years. Obviously I use long exposures times for the night shots, and shoot in the RAW format to get these images, which gives me huge editing options when I do the post editing. So, tonight I tried somewhere I never had being in Terrace, BC before, and set up my tripod along Kenny Street, and started shooting. After a while I moved on to the Old Skeena Bridge, and tried there.

Like I said, every time something different changes, and the shots become unique. In the above shot, what really stood out for me was the lens flare. This shot was a twenty second exposure, using a 28mm lens at f2.8 at ISO 100. The added bonus was a train had stopped on the tracks just below, so it added light to the trees in the foreground. Plus, there were low level clouds, or mist, just over head, and clear skies to the South. I took several shots from this spot, and found twenty seconds to the be the best exposure for my liking. I might print this one.

It was a good night. Now to enjoy what is left of the weekend.

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