Wetter Weather and Thoughts On the Great Melt-Down 10 Years Ago.

We are getting hit with rain, as the rainy season kicks in, though seemingly earlier than last year, it is welcomed. And I just realized that this week marks the tenth anniversary of the 2008 Great Melt-Down, that crashed the markets and change the world, unseen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. In all, the week is going good. Work is chugging along, and I am almost finished unpacking all of my boxes from the time I moved here to Thornhill, BC.

I was surprised that the Forest Fire Rating was set back to Low so quickly. We are only less than two weeks into the rainy season, and the rains seems lighter this year, so I was looking at the Forest Rating sign a little puzzled, as the arrow was placed in the green section. I thought that this might be to soon. Well, even the website says it “Low,” so who am I to argue. The good news, the campfire ban is lifted, so get out, in the rain, and have a camp fire. Oddly, camping season is also over too.

I was checking my journals from a decade ago, and came upon an entry from September, 27 2008. At the time I was living in Fort Langley, BC, working for Bell Canada. I wrote about all the news of the Melt-Down, and how it seemed, “over exaggerated.” Boy was I wrong; the news was correct, as my work saw over 150 employees in October 2008 get laid-off. All around me, nothing seemed secure and talks of lower Interest Rates and Buy-Out for Banks, blanketed the news. The cause and effects, they said would last for years.

Reading an on-line article on the BBC’s website, today, about the effects of the Melt-Down, the developed nations around the world have been experiencing lower than predicted birth rates. Yes, I only need to look at the schools around the Skeena Valley, to see this. The schools are half the size they were when I went to them. Home ownership is another one, as more younger people are renting because they cannot afford the market value for homes. And then there are the lack of good paying jobs. Yes, lots of low-paying jobs to go around, but few sustainable jobs to build a family with. So it looks like Generation Screwed is going to morph into the following generation with these market effects. The BBC article did say it could take another twenty years before we see the glory days of the pre ’08 era back, but the Market landscape has forever changed.

This week, I should have all my boxes sorted and unpacked. A few weeks ago I bought four sets of shelves, and that so far, has made unpacking nicer. I have a very small “compartment,” and brought an entire house with me. So, a sizable amount will live in boxes, until need, but the good news is, have more living space. I hope I find better living arrangements soon.

3 Thoughts on “Wetter Weather and Thoughts On the Great Melt-Down 10 Years Ago.

  1. Tom, here in Lover Mainland they need to build more schools/ classes/ rooms and hire more teachers. There are lots of kids.

  2. Hey Dan,

    What you are seeing today is a decade of neglect from the previous BC Liberal Government as they slowly stripped away the Education System. What I am talking about is student population, and it is a far cry from how many kids there were from the “Echo Generation” of ’70s and ’80s. I see it as pure economics as why this is happening.

    When I was in Grade School (late ’70s and early ’08s), every school, whether from Langley, or Terrace, had dozens of Portables (class rooms) around the main school buildings. Today, They closed three schools here in Terrace, and I know in Langley four were closed and sold off over the last thirty years. The numbers of students going through the system is a far cry from what is was when I went to school.

  3. Tom,

    I can answer to that but maybe will not sound good so I will not. Short version: there are enough kids , just not there but in LM where a lot of newcomers are living.

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