What Did You Do On the Last Day of Summer?

Happy Autumnal Equinox! The last of the summer is here! Yes, I know: “booooo.” But , hey, it will be back again, next year–deal with it. Anyway, the last day of summer gave up no ghost as far as the weather goes. It was a cloudless sky, with temperatures reaching up to 25C in the valley. I have the photographs to prove it. I even got burnt slightly from the Sun. My Vitim “D” levels are at the maximum. Yes, it was a summer’s day. So, naturally, I did my photographic rounds, celebrating the celestial event, and took photos of my area in its natural spender. It involved a personal hike up Terrace Mountain, and a walk with Suz., along the low laying sandbars of the Skeena River, just North of the Old Bridge in Thornhill, then an evening (officially fall now) at Kitsumkallum Lake. An action packed day, with over 12gigs of photos.

This is on Terrace Mountain, looking South East at the Skeena River. You can see both bridges, crossing into Thornhill from Terrace, and Ferry Island on the right (Terrace, BC). I used the Back Eddy Trail this time to climb up the mountain, and it took me about fifteen minutes to get to the Rocky outcrop locals call “Baldy.” I used my 14mm lens for the shot to get everything in. Already the Sun was climbing to high in the sky, so I have to deal with lots of lens flare. I stayed on the mountain for about an hour, taking lots of shot of the landscape. The only wildlife I met was a very unhappy squirrel who did not like me being there. I also ran into two families of hikers too, along the trails. After that, I climbed down, headed for home, showered and Suzettet met me at my place.

We walked along the sand flats, right across from where I hiked up Terrace Mountain, along the Skeena River. With the river being so low, we could walk (North of the Old Bridge) where river water would normally be. It was like being on another land–sand–lots of sand. In this shot, above, the rocky out crop, is where I took the first photo in this post from. You can see the trees here are starting to turn into their fall colours.

River art is everywhere, where you least expect it to be. This spiral of rocks could not be seen from the road because it is placed in a depression about a kilometer from the bridge. There many such sculpture/monuments around, that locals built. Some are awesome to see, others are personalized, and some are weird.

Like this inukshuk, built on the mud, still in the water. Not to sure if this was built when the water was lower, or it was created in the water? It looks really good, standing at less than 30cm high. I guess if you have a big enough sand box, even the gown-ups like to play too.

I will end this post with some Macro Photography with. I shot this below the Old Skeena River Bridge. Moments before I took this shot, a butter fly landed on it. I missed the shot–but Suzette got it with her Smart Phone. I hope she publishes it.

It was an awesome day. The last day of summer, went out with a bang. Even our Forest Fire Level with placed back into the “Moderate” level again, after having a couple of weeks of cooler weather with rain. But it was not enough to quench the forest’s needs. Everyone is wonder what kind of winter season is in store for us. Will it be a snowy one, or a green winter?

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