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Just a little post for today on how dry it is up here on the North Coast of British Columbia. When me and Suz., drove down onto Keith Avenue, where the Forestry, Forest Fire Rating sign sits, it was indicating that our forest fire rating is in the “Extreme” rating. Suz., finally told that, “yes, this is unprecedented for this area,” on how dry, and how warm, it is this year, she said. As we head into October, so far, this month is looking dry too.

My next door neighbour keeps a rudimentary rain gauge where the community garden lays. It indicates that for the month September, only 48mm of rain has fallen at that spot in Lower Thornhill, BC. He says that the last time he saw a year where it was this dry this late in the season was around 1976.

As for the dry weather, when I got into my car this morning, 5:00am, the temperature was a cool minus 2C, but not a cloud in the sky that I could see. The stars were out, shinning like diamonds, but no rain as far as I could see. However, this land is funny, as the weather can change within minutes. Maybe we will get some baldy needed moisture in the coming days.

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