A Drive Down Kitselas Road

Since it has been over a year since me Suz., drove down Kitselas Road, we thought it would be a great opportunity to spend a Sunday afternoon, and I taking the opportunity to shoot more autumn tree shots of the Skeena Valley, so we headed out to go for the drive. We do not get to spend that much time on the West side of the Skeena River, and it is a less travelled area, just outside of Terrace, BC. Since it was a fairly sunny day, it did not take much of an excuses to go for the drive. So off down Kitselas Road we went.

We got into the valley at just the right time, as the Sun was setting. The yellow leaves looked an extra orange, from the filtered light. The other weird thought I had, was how calm the wind was here, where just across the valley, where I live, it was gusty. The Western mountains must be protecting this part of the valley from the wind.

Not sure what the names of the creek was, but it is the second bridge you cross before you get to the end of the road. I would say, Kitselas Road is about fifteen kilometers long. The colours of the creek looked awesome, even in the shade of the mountain near by. You can tell it has been a dry summer, by looking at the creek. Last year, this was about a metre high, and looked like it was standing water from the Skeena River near by.

It was good drive; loved it. Now the weekend, and the holiday, are over as of tomorrow. Sigh…..

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