Some Raking Anyone?

I just had to post this shot. I took just after we headed back into town after our drive on Kitselas Road, and there was still some daylight left in the evening. I saw the maple trees in the Uplands Elementary School grounds, as the Sun was setting, and asked Suz., to stop and let me take the shot–I was a passenger. I grabbed my camera bag and jogged over to the trees, as the light was disappearing quickly.

I got about thirty shots, so it was hard to choose only one to post. There are about ten huge Maple Trees on a row, along the main road. And the Sun was almost forty-five degrees off to left from where I was standing. The light was great. It made the colours really stand out. I used my 30mm Macro Lens, at f 2.8, for this shot.

So, who is going to rake these all up, I say. LOL

A little fact: I did my Grade Two Class here as a youngster. This is going back a long time.

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