Looking Through the Weeds

I did a bunch shots while me and Suz., were at the lookout on the Bench at the top of Skeenaview Drive, in Terrace, BC. In the park, there is a raised flower bed that sits right close to the side of the hill. This is where I took this shot. I thought it looked kind of neat, sort of some trick photography, where I was using a Macro lens, and cranked the F-stop all the way down to f22, to keep everything in focus. The effect is that the weeds, look like trees, towering over the valley below. These weeds are only twenty centimeters tall, and I was shooting about ten centimeters away from them.

I was shooting with the 30mm Macro lens, that has an amazing minimum focal length of only 5mm. With this lens, I can get right up close to an object, and shoot at a ratio of 1:1. The other cool part, this is the cheapest lens I own. It is a Sony lens, and I think I bought for less than $50.00 on line. You cannot beat that.

I know, the censor on my camera was dirty.

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