Snow On Top

We had a good size low pressure weather system move in over top of us yesterday, dumping at a good amount of rain on us, which we needed. This, with a cold front coming in from of the North, it caused the tops of the higher mountains surrounding the Skeena Valley to get their white tops. According to some, who have lived here all their lives, say that the snow might be on time this year, after undergoing such a long period of dry season.

Normally, in the Skeena Valley, the mountains get their dusting of snow in late September, to early October. This year, the tops got it over the last couple days, or late October. Here, on the ground, snow usually arrives at the beginning of November. Now that the storms are moving in again, and it is getting cool enough at night, we might just get our regular scheduled weather back.

Looking at the Skeena River; however; the water level is still super low. With the rain storm we had, only the local tributaries have good flowing water, as the weather systems never made it far enough inland to add water to the river up stream. So, the river might still be in critical condition all winter season long, probably going into next sripng’s run-off season.

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