The Terrace 2018 Zombie Walk

At the top of the Arena Hill, in Terrace, BC, Zombies meet for their annual march through town. All walks of zombie gather here for this event. Young, old, weird, and not so weird, they gather, and prepare to walk their best through the streets of Terrace, showing their pride and glory of the dead. Some have spent days getting ready, while other just got up and joined in. In all, you could tell that they loved it. They marched with class and style that only zombies can muster in their quest, so they can fill their appetite of yummy brains from the un-dead. And, we now know they hate the Public Library, as they marched right by it, with out stopping. 

As they marched, they drew crowds of onlookers, gawking at them with amazement. It was a sight to be hold, as people murmured among themselves, probably wondering what it would be like to be a Zombie, and walking in public without the fear of being hunted for just one day out of the year.

As the old and young Zombies walked by, you could see how much work some put into their costumes.

I loved the variety of zombies there were. Most of the local occupations were covered, and some interesting ones too that I could only guess. I think there were a couple of doctor zombies too, and one patient who obviously did not make it from his surgery.

When I was following them marching, I tried to get that urban city feel in my shots. Most of these shots were taken right on Park Avenue, just before Kalum Street. At this location, they walked right in front of an underground parking entrance; the perfect backdrop for a Zombie invasion.

And how could I not forget the families of zombies who marched too. Some of the makeup ideas were awesome. I liked the “Beer Can in the Face” look, and his four daughters around him. There was one, who had the prosthetic of half of her face ripped off, just hanging flesh–truly an all night preparation for the march. And, I can only assume that the people dressed in military costumes (cos-play) were Zombie Hunters. I guess they have right too in a Zombie march–to keep things in check.

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