Getting Ready for Season of Ice and Snow

In less than six weeks it will be officially winter, according to the calendar, but in reality, winter is upon us now. This morning, only the second time so far this year, I had to scrape off my windshield before I embarked on my morning journey to my work. Although it was only a light dusting of frost, it still took a couple of minutes to do the task before it was safe to drive. But this got me thinking, winter is here, no doubt about that.

My neighbours are busily stapling plastic sheeting to their appartment’s windows. How of that will the land will appreciate, is anyone’s guess. But they are preparing nonetheless. I had my car serviced, for a winter tuneup, on Monday. Checking coolant levels, and other devices for winter safety. Snow tires are mandatory for the highway roads, as of October first here in BC, so those were changed several weeks ago. This weekend I will be buying a winter jacket that is more with today’s North Coast style. I am good for the winter boots, both at work and here at home. So all is good.

It is hard to say how bad, or what type of a winter it will be this year. Last year, we had a cold one, with lots of snow that stay around until April. With the summer we just had, we could be in for a Green winter, as the snow line on the mountains is still really high. However, never get to cozy with the weather, as it could all change in a moment’s notice. We have only had one good storm so far this year, and that only brought a couple of days of heavy down pour, so it is hard to tell.

One thing that I can say about our current weather here: it is still dry. The Skeena River only crept up about 30cm since the rain storm a week ago, but that is still a far cry from what it is normally at this time of year. We need a super good snow pack on the mountains for the spring run-off, and a few more storms to get us back on track, so this winter season will be critical. No snow could be a disastrous spring season for the rivers.

As of now, no snow has hit the ground and stayed, here in the Lower Skeena Valley, this year. In fact, some are saying that it is still too warm, and with these clear skies, and wind from the North, this might not help. The next weather front to come over us, for the end of the week, might not have that much precipitation to give us.

So, time to bundle up, and have the ice scrapper handy.

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