Oh, This is East Surrey, BC, Not Cloverdale.

If you really want to have some fun with people who call Surrey, BC home, just tell them they live in Surrey, not Cloverdale, or Newton, and so on. Anyway, I should not pick on these people, as most of them are fine folks, just like the rest of us. So, here I am, standing at the corner of 176 Street (aka Hwy 15, or Pacific Hwy) and 64th Avenue, in what is known as East Surrey, or more commonly know as, Cloverdale–looking South West at my hotel. It is weird standing here, looking at the traffic, knowing  that just a mere few hours ago, I was standing in Terrace, BC, seeing the same thing, but with no traffic. The sunset was awesome however–a worthy photo.

The flight in from Terrace, BC, was eventful–in that it was noisy. Among the aircraft’s noise, nestled inside the cabin were at least eight very young kids, with their parents of course. As the we ascended into the air,  and the air pressure thinned, their tiny eardrums were causing much pain. As we leveled out, the chorus of at least three screaming voices in unison called out, to stop the air from pushing out their ears, although they could not speak, the cries were deafening to the point. One child, did this throughout the trip. It sounded like a torture chamber inside. The poor kid.

As I got into the YVR terminal, and out to Departures, my ride was at little late, but I waited only a few minutes. We drove into the Surrey, making it in good time, for the Lower Mainland standards, and I got to my employer’s head office. From there I booked into my hotel, and then I went off in search of a place to have a meal. This is when I took the photo, above.

I headed off to bed early, knowing that tomorrow was going to be action-packed, full of training, and meeting people, kind of day. Good-night!

4 Thoughts on “Oh, This is East Surrey, BC, Not Cloverdale.

  1. Very pretty sunset.

  2. Tom, How was your visit ? Any good memories?

  3. Thanks Ivy!


    I only stayed in the Lower Mainland for less that 24 hours. Basically, it was training, and then staying in the hotel room. I would say the best memories were meeting my co-workers face to face for the first time. Up until then, it was either emails, or by phone.

    Sadly there was no time to visit old friends. I stayed right at HWY15 and 176, Holiday Inn. I am kind of laughing, more people live there (5km radius) than all of Terrace, BC put together. LOL

    Don’t miss the traffic.

    How are you Dan? Staying busy?

  4. Hi Tom,

    Yes, my job is good and yes it is very busy. Not even close to what I was doing before much more rewarding now.
    Let me know next time when you are in the area.

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