White, Wonder and Wimpy

Short post. Still very much under the flu’s grip, laying in bed, using the laptop. I took a quick look outside, wondering why the ambient light coming through my blinds was so bright, and to my surprise, there on the ground was a layer of snow and ice that was melting. I would mark today as the first official snow of the year — and we are well into the first week of December. That is in contrast from what we were getting last year. The great news, the snow will be gone in my guess by tonight.

As for the Flu, well, I am still dealing with congested lungs, a pounding headache, and fever. I am getting better, though you would never know it by looking at me, but I can sleep better, and I am not coughing as often as I was last night. I am still in bed, only leaving for water, or to get rid of it. This is my weekend.

OK, weak now, back to sleep.

2 Thoughts on “White, Wonder and Wimpy

  1. Tom, you should get the vaccine next time.

  2. Maybe next year Dan. To late now.

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