Weird, I am Awake.

I just thought I had to share this becuase it is rare that my body is “awake” when I am starting the day at 5:00am. Last night I fell asleep around my usual time, about 9:30pm, and had no troubles diving into full on REM sleep. In fact, I do not even remember any of my dreams. But needless to say, when I awoke, the whole worlds seemed to be up with me.

Starting the day was awesome. There was no one else commuting at the same time. I saw one truck on the highway, and he was going East bound, in Thornhill. When I got into Terrace, BC, across the Skeena River Bridge, there where only the “Walkers,” or homeless people, walking the main street (Lakesle Avenue) on my way to fill my coffee mug with the Black Throat Charmer that is served at 5:00am in town.

Once loaded up with coffee, I haul butt to my work place, on the other side of town, in the area called South Terrace. There ahead of me, the freshly built Cell Tower, shining its bright red beacon, pulsating every second, lighting up the mist around it, and it seem to say, “you work here.” Yes, if you love radiation, over several  thousand Watts of it, then you will be at home here. And the work day started. With out a hitch, snag or hick-up.

Maybe I ate something that made the difference? Perhaps I got just right amount of sleep I needed? Maybe the alignment in Four Dimensional Space and Time was perfect, and caused a well deserved ripple, at a quantum level? Maybe, being over fifty years old, my brain does not care anymore, and all seems relative now. It all does not matter; I feel awesome. I wish somehow that this moment could be bottled up and stored for later days that suck. Oh, wait, they have that already.

We will see how far it takes me.

3 Thoughts on “Weird, I am Awake.

  1. What did you had for dinner? If you eat sonething light this caused your body to digest the food fast and then rest. Always if you eat “heavy” dinner such as pork chops with mushroom cream at dinner your digestion will last even 12 hours. Not real rest for your body during sleep. Eat some veggies and you will start sleeping better.

  2. Dan, how is it going? OK, your question.

    Q What did you have for dinner?

    A I believe I had chicken stir fry the night before. There were lots of veggies in with the stir fry, I remember.

    Thanks for the tips Dan. i do pack a lot of veggies into my meals. Around lunch time, that is usually when I eat my largest meal of the day. In the evenings, the servings are generally smaller, and I usually eat about four hours before I sleep.

    It is funny you mentioned this. That is what I ate last night with my girlfriend. LOL But is was more of a spaghetti with mushroom cream on the beef meat balls. Very tasty, and sticks to your ribs,

    Thanks for the comment Dan!

  3. Hi Tom, you can check these info :
    – any meat ,egg etc will take 8-10 hours to digest. Even with veggies
    – milk, cheese will take even 12 hours(any diary)
    – only veggiies will take 1 hour
    – raw veggie juice – in 30 mins is gone – best for dinner

    Hope this helps.

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