Finally Got Out to Photograph

I was a little laid-up with a sinus cold last week. Going outside in the sub-zero weather was not going to happen, no matter how much was being persuaded then. Today, I felt good enough to at least drive round, and spend a little bit of time outside to shoot things with the newest lens I bought on-line. So, without further ado, here are some of the first shots I took with the new lens:

We drove out to the Thornhill, BC Golf Course, which is very close to Copper Mountain. There was just enough light to get some “alright” photographs, but the light was not that great as the clouds were moving fast, and it was getting back to minus ten Celsius. But basically what you are seeing in the shot, is a very large icicle going down the side of the rocks. It is three-quarters of the length of the face, on the front of the mountain, so it could be 800 metres long chuck of ice–vertical? I could only get the bottom of it in this shot. Remember that these are hand-held shots.

Next, we drove back in to town (Terrace, BC) and I was going to try getting some tower shots on top of Copper Mountain, but the light was going fast. The Sun was already below the horizon, and the wind was getting bitterly cold in the minus ten air. So I took one of the Moon instead, while the sky was still bright out.

This image is not cropped. This is what you see at the top end of the zoom lens, straight from the camera. I can only imagine what kinds of Moon shots I will have when the conditions are better to photograph in. I will need a tripod, for sure, and I would like it to be a little warmer out too; shivering is not nice while taking pictures. Focusing this lens is weird too, as it takes several turns to get it right, and once you find the focus, getting that “sweet spot,” is touchy–really touchy. And I think becuase it was so cold out, the lens felt very tight to turn the focus ring too.

So, more to come. 


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