The Sweet Spot Of the Season

OK, to let you all know, I did get the Bank loan, or I should say they qualified me for the amount of money I needed to buy the Trailer, The home, But after looking at it, and seeing all the prepares is needed, I backed out of it seeing that there would be months of work needed to move into it. I did not feel the “home sweet home” feeling you would get when you walk into the home and feel right at home. It was not there. So, I said no, and I will wait for the next opportunity for a awesome home to appear on the market.

Apparently, the Bank had no troubles with me, for this size of loan as I fit nicely within the limits of it. The Stress Test that the Federal government put in place was easily passed, and my monthly income was acquit enough to maintain the payments, so I was surprised becuase it was this step that I failed at the last time I asked them.

So all is good. I’m on vacation now. Have the next week to myself. I just binged watch “The OA” a very twisted story about a lady who can travel within dimensions. And take over her own body, and she is pursued by a mad scientist who also wants to travel through dimensions, but want to to control it. The story had some really weird plots.

3 Thoughts on “The Sweet Spot Of the Season

  1. How about placing a low ball offer on it to include the repairs . The advantage is that you can make it for you as you like.

  2. Hi Dan,

    The place was so much in disrepair that it would take 35k just to fix it up and make it livable again. for example all the plumbing needs to be replaced, and four windows, and the bedroom has black mold on the carpeting. Not to mention holes in the walls, becuase it was used as a rental with young kids. it looks like a bunch crack addicts lived there at one time too.

    There is a reason why this place was so cheeeeeeeeeep!

  3. What is stopping you to write an offer with 50k-60k lower than the asking? If the location and size are OK, the rest can be done by a good contractor. Don’t be afraid to lowball. You might get lucky,

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