The Racing Heart.

The next morning after getting the Stint installed, all of a sudden, my heart was getting proper blood flow. So, it was racing supper fast, around 187 bpm and the Doctor gave me some drugs that slows the beating down, but I did not feel it. For the next day or so, everyone was watching the monitor that was I hooked up to, measuring my heart beats, seeing if there was a change. The change did not happen until later that night. Now I was back to a cool 72-9bpm. Everyone seemed happy again. I felt normal though-out all of this.

Then the Vampires came in. For every hour on the hour afterwords, they would insert a vile into one of the four I.V.s already in my arm, and take blood. This was now normal. From then on, at 4:00pm, two Asian nurses would greet me, with “We want to take some blood from you, are you OK with that”

“Sure” I said, pick an arm. I would feel them stick the needle in, and in a minute, it was all done.

I almost forgot., I had visitors. My sister and her daughter came for visit. That was awesome.

Most of this day was a blank for me as I had to be kept very still. That was hard. I could not shower, or clean myself, too.

Still could not sleep.

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