The boring part of the story, lost time.

The heart has calmed down, to cool 72 beats per minute, and the nurses have left me alone to try and sleep, although, I could sleep no matter what. But I tired. Then came breakfast, and the post breakfast finger bleed. they were testing for sugar levels. Unbeknownst to me, I was now labeled a Type Two Diabetic, and was taking Netforman Pills. later described as the the WD40 for Type two diabetics. The drug makes sure the Insulin can unlock the sugars in the blood stream even though I produce insulin, of my own, which is not that great insulin, I produce it. So after each  meal, a nurse pop over with the mertre and pricks my finger for a very small drop of blood. I’m so used to now, it is part of the routine. I still get the 4AM vampire call for two huge vile of blood, but that is nothing now.

Now the boring part, laying their. The Hospital staff would not tell me when I would be discharge, it was a guessing game then. So Suz, book a flight for the next day in the evening for me to leave Y.V.R. as the M.S.P. in BC, does not cover the cost of getting home. You are kind of on your own to get back home.

Once I had my ticket conformation number, I was set, and waited. The rumour was I going to be set to General Ward on the Four floor really soon. BY 6pm, I was on my way up there. It was nice. dark, quiet and cool, just the way I like it. but in the same bed.

Things were leveling out for me. My breathing was almost perfect, and my chest felt awesome. Heck, I was feeling great. ..and stinky.

I was also unable to keep track of time, as funny as that sounds, I completely could not tell you what day of the week it was. I guess when you are laying in bed, you forget. I knew a couple of days have passed while I was in Vancouver, I just for got. There is no need to know, when you are stuck in bed with wire tapped to your chest. and machines going “beep, beep, beep,” there is always something. Yes, I have a watch, but it does not tell the days of weeks with it. Remember I did not have my Tablet, or Smart Phone with me at the time I left Terrace.

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