Home Home Sweet Home.

Leaving the hospital in Vancouver was like an unexpected surprise, as I was able to dress myself, and stand up, which qualified me as an “Out Patient.” So I was given early Discharge out of the Hospital. They had another patient that really needed that bed, so I said, “Sure, I’m out of here.” All I needed to do was getting to the airport, on the plane, back to Terrace. The plan was awesome, except for one little detail, my flight was for 9:00pm, and I was being discharged at 9:00am.  Now we wait. and wait….

So I’m walking  out of the Hospital, after a super fast talk with the food expert lady, talking to me what my food intake should be, and all the pit I encounter. and a day’s supply of pills. and a packet of paperwork for other doctors’ to read. Just like that, I’m on the streets of Vancouver. That last hour in the Hospital, was blur. No Airport Shuttle from there. Just the Sky Train and five block walk. Now I wait at the airport…… I made it. But not home yet.

TERRACE, BC 11:00pm, I gave Suz., the biggest hug I could give. I was so glad to be home. When I hit my bed, that night was almost a perfect sleep. lights out!

Now that I’m home, things are boring. No driving for at least the next four weeks, so I depends on the help of others for shopping. So, no work too. Even thought I feel I can go, I still need the freedom to drive. That is where they got me. It does make sense that I should not drive, as after I take these pill, I get the Sweets. and could black out. Plus, I cannot not lift anything right now. I do have a GP, for next week, he may say, “NO, you need six weeks of bed rest, not the four the Hospital said”

Now I am seeing the Lay person experts, out of the wood work, all saying what they believe in a correct course of action. “Naugh.., I will take the advice of my GP and Dietitian, thank you. ”

Food is my enemy: it kills. where it once gave me so many pleasure, it is my new weakness, that I must over come. basically  it is just eating right, but in the way you may not think. One slice of bread per meal. I now test for my sugar levels, and need to keep them low, or at a good level. Food that was once yummy, is bad, or out right band. The hard part is keeping myself full. lots and lots of veggies they say, that is hard when raised on the Western diet fast food whit lots of fasts and oils.


4 Thoughts on “Home Home Sweet Home.

  1. wow Tom !
    Glad that you are better !
    Thant was something else 🙁

    Now you have to watch your diet. My father had the same and my brothers have it. So I eat healthy just in case. So I know how it is . But you will start to enjoy eating healthy and discover recipes soon.

    I wish you all the best !

  2. Thank you Dan.

    All I can say is that sugar kills, me at least.

    Stay healthy!

  3. Steve the ECOP on Friday, July 26th, 2019 at 11:13 am said:

    We need some updates, Tom! We (your co-workers) are hoping you’re doing well.

  4. HI Steve,

    Update? I’m on a massive diet, getting my weight down, eating like a rabbit, and testing. I think I eat more pills than food. they will not let me go back to work for another week, becuase I cannot drive. But things are looking up,

    Thanks you for the comment. I will post another update soon on the weblog–soon.


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