Over the Mountain

Last Sunday, I had the privilege of joining the Local Chapter of the Ham Radio Club as they repaired their repeater Radio equipment on top of the copper. Before I start into this post, there seems to be some confusion on what to call this mountain? Some call it the copper, while others call it Thornhill Mountain after the community at the base of it.  You will have to decide. So anyway, I went up it, a half hour journey through the clouds, an almost vertical in a Pick-Up Truck. Once we got to the radio tower, you could not see anything becuase it was supper foggy. and cold with lots of wind. It was on the way back, that the clouds started to clear enough that you could see below into the valley.

In the above image, you are looking at the BC Hydro towers, the big white thing, which is the new design so ice does not form on the it. This place gets super snowy. I heard that this place gets up to 5 meters of snow at a time. The HAM radio club likes this location becuase it reaches all the way around the Earth. The mountain is about 2000Ms high.

3 Thoughts on “Over the Mountain

  1. Tom, hoping that you are better 🙂
    I would like to suggest that you watch “the game changers” on Netflix. This will give you a lot of answers. Why you had health problems and how to get better than before.
    I did this change myself 2 years ago . And I love it !
    Please give this documentary a chance.

  2. Hey Dan, Actually I’m rock’n my health issues, I got a Gold star, with my Doctor, dropped about 35Lbs, and Might be taken off of at least half of my pills. I’m going in the right direction. As far as the Netflicks movie you’re talking about, I’ve seen it already. It was good to watch. I agree with some of what it says.

    Thank you for the comment! Dan, 🙂 Yes, I’m a lot better now than I was during the summer.

  3. Hi Tom,

    Having 3 close family members with the same kind of problems like you over the last 15-20 years, I had time to research over time and I can tell you for sure : if you followed a diet like in the documentary in the past years you would never ever had any kind of problem. Glad that you are better and now you eat healthy.

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