My Man Cave

Yes, I’m officially moved in, unpacked, put-away, and cleaned up. I have my very own home with my Man Cave. It is awesome that I’m in my own home. Just me. It is a feeling that I have not experienced in so long, I miss the freedom. my own space. Now I have to deal with the needy Governments and leaches that want my money for their own. OH the joys. Hey if I’m going to pay you these taxes against my Will, then I better value for my bucks.

The first thing I did was install my own security system. The RCMP are far from perfect around here when it comes to Crime. B&E are common here as many are low income. But with good deterrence systems, they generally keep  away. Though I have seen some drive bys, where the potential thieves scope out homes to pillage.

But anyway, this morning was my first morning that get to appreciate my new home. I watched the Sun rise from my living room. I positioned my plants to get the maximum light from my West facing windows. so amazing to see. Then I started the unpacking process. and moved into my Man Cave. Computer, Ham Radio set, and Cooler (for pop of course). And I have a view of Thornhill Mountain from here. Today’s weather: Awesome! Sun, minus 4C, but awesome. Not a cloud in the sky.

I have a shed to store tools, and snow tires and useful Car junk. I have my own driveway witch I do not share. so no parking battles. and a small yard. with real grass. to live like a human being. Wow. Back in the Man Cave.

OK, I”M happy.

3 Thoughts on “My Man Cave

  1. Hi Tom,

    Glad that you are happy with your new home. Now it is a good time to get a big bad dog.
    It will help better than a security system in a b&e situation. belgian malinois is a great breed. your house will be safer.

  2. Thank you for the post Dan,

    A really good security system is always a much here living in the Wild North West. the police are docile and never respond to acts of vandalism, unless you stop paying your taxes, then they bring out the guns. Sadly Dogs are not allowed here here in this neighborhood, becuase of previous dog owners who let them run free, and poop everywhere. SO a hard and fast rules was imposed. And our glorious BC Government gave the park owners the power to fine you if you violate the rules. Thank BC Government. You know who I’m voting for next time.

  3. hi Tom,

    too bad that the dog is not allowed. Get a grade 1 dead bolt and knob for your door then ,in addition to a good alarm. You can find online a Schlage B660P which installed correctly will make the B@E much harder.

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