I’m back Home Now.

I was in the ICU at Mills Marmoreal Hospital (in Terrace, BC) for a three day visit, here in the Skeena Valley. I walked out on my own Yesterday. A good sign. I seem to be back to normal. Talking is still an issue, as they did an  Intubation on me, which was a  freaky experience. The pee catheter was a close second. The cause was as touch of Phenomena, from a chill or Lung infection. Now everything seems to be under control.

I went in on Monday Night, came out yesterday afternoon. I am very happy to be out. Even happier  that it is not COVID-19. (my first worry). 

You know you had a shitty night when you wake up the next morning with  2 x 3/4″ tubes ( and a little 1/8″ tube for food and water) all 8″ long, down your throat. They tide my hands so I could not touch the tubes when I woke, I was in a diaper, with five new holes in me from I.V.s, and one massive headache.  I’m so happy no one took photos. They cut off all my clothes off the night before, so it was just me and the diaper, and the tubes, hiding my animosity.

I should know in a couple of weeks, what my blood work says. and the tests results. Also, the Care Staff there were awesome! Never met a bunch of nicer people. My primary prescription, from the doctor is:  14 days of Social Isolation, TV, here we come.

Yes, it has been that kind of a week….

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