Summer Has Arrived!

Yes, I thought I would never get here, but here I am. I spent the morning siting on my patio, absorbing the Sun’s rays, feeling awesome in general. Although it is officially summer, you would not know it looking outside. we just had two says of full on rain, 85mm of it, and just a little half hour hole in the sky where the Sun broke through, and accidentally lit up Thornhill. I’m hoping to have Suzette join me on a walk that involves a hill, we should burn off a few milligram of fat.

It goes with out saying that summer in Canada, makes Canada the most awesome place on Earth. Ever with the crappy weather on the North Coast, summer is a welcomed season. Everything aspect of our society changes, and is set up for this time of year. In the Skeena Valley, you see something that is unusual, the Female population emerges into the light, like flowers in the month of May. Sure they were always there, but you never notice them, until they shed their winter garb.

Summer is the best season of the year, and it started today!

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