Toms Tomatoes

Like the titles says, it is harvest time here in Thornhill, BC, and today it is some tomatoes. Albeit I bought the small kind, or grape tomatoes, I have lots on each plant. I picked my first ripe ones today, and they were yummy. For the record, I have a small patio which I have six potted plants growing, but because this year has sucked for good weather, I am lucky that anything grew at all. These are a huge milestone, in my quest as a green thumb person.

These were the little guys before I devoured them. 🙂 …and they were tasty. yum. 

These were the first four I selected for eating. Super fresh at this point. I eat them like candy. They were super delicious.

This shot was a little blurry, but they were sitting on my kitchen table waiting for cleaning.

The moment was short, but worth it, I figure I have sixty more little red guys like these in the coming weeks, unless it starts to snow or something. After all September is only a few weeks away. do for the record, this year has been one of the worst summers in living memory. Today, when I got home, the happy hum of my furnace was busy pumping out warm air, as the outside temperature was less than 15C. LaNenena or what.

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