Remember the Day at the Lake.

Yes, it was way back in 2019, when we went out to the lake, not a care in the world, no masks, no fear of the  COVI-19 infection, just the cool breeze of the outdoor air and the feel of the warm lake sand between my toes. It was magical. The very beautiful women wearing their bathing suite covered in sand. the 2020 bummer summer has taken all that away. Only memories and old photographs left in the archives remind us that those days did exists.  Sigh.

August 2020 is so cold, I say blah, blah, blah…, to the threat of global warming, for 2020 anyway. Now crowds flock to the lake, fearing arrest as the Sun Worshiper humans begs for a normal summer, and the Government slowly takes our freedoms away with COVID -19 protocalls. All we want is a taste of a normal day, that is all, just a day where we can be free if infections. Gone are the walks along the beaches, with the sounds of children playing in the waves of water-gone. 

4 Thoughts on “Remember the Day at the Lake.

  1. Hi Tom,

    Watching the weather on your part of the province. Rain + rain. How are you enjoying this weather?

  2. Well Dan,

    it is what you would expect for living up in the North. Our weather has been severely wet, only last matched since 1969, when the North Coast was wetter. Not to mention that fall has started already as the maple trees are changing too.
    But you know what? I own my own home, and I am working on buying another with acorage, I would like to see someone do that down in the Lower Mainland today! I am very happy here, so say the least. if shitty weather keeps the people of Canada away, then that is good. More for us then.

  3. You are very safe. Not a lot of people from here will consider moving there. not only because of the weather but other reasons. Enjoy your City and property . Glad that you are happy .

  4. Oh my, I spoke too soon. We are in begining a mini heat wave, or something out of the ordinary. The last two days have well above normal, and very hot and clear days, almost like Vancouver’s whether. Not that I’m complaining. LOL

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