Touch Me Not

Perhaps one of the coolest plants I have ever owned, a Touch Me Not, or Shy plant, it has many names, and this one is weird. What is unique about this plant, is how fast it reacts when you touch it. When you gently brush the leaves with your finger, the leaves close up, in real time! I kid you not. I have never seen anything like it, how ever, I wonder if a Venus Fly Trap plant does that same thing? Not sure I never owned one.

My Plant The Touch Me Not!

Another cool thing about this plant is sleeping habits. Yes, all of the leaves close up when the days ends, or becomes darker. and when you shine a really bright light on any of the leaves, they open up again. My girlfriend saw these in the Canadain Tire Store in Terrace, BC, so I bought one just to check it out. The plant is doing awesome, as I water it just once a day.

Mine is very healthy, and is flowering like crazy. it produces these little tiny pink puff-balls as flowers. and I’m assuming these will produce seeds, as I want a bunch of these in future.

Okay, now for the science stuff, (I think this part is important) its real name is “Mimosa pudica” and more information can be found at this link. so far it seems really easy to look after. of course I have only had one for less than three weeks, so time will tell. So far it looks like a hardy plant for this far North, living indoors, as this is a tropical plant that grows along the edges of roads. 

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