Back to the Beginning, and Basics.

I totally upgraded my home PC, even threw in a brand new video card that now gives me dual monitor capabilities, that i have being longing for. Also adding a pile of new RAM, to a AMD 8 core CPU chip, should give me some kick-ass power that I never had before. Two 24inch monitors really brightens up the man cave. Also added a new wireless low profile  key board, with number pad. it make my typing better.

After waiting two week for all the parts to arrive from Amazon, by mail, I spent last weekend assembling the hardware, and then another week getting the software running to where I like it. The hardest part of all this has been recovering my pass words from long and forgotten websites that I took for granted. As I am now running Linux Mint my banking on-line connections need rejigging, and I have to install (or activate) the fire wall for my access point,to keep the CIA, Chinese and Russians hackers out.  my AttiSPAM seems to be working better than before, and virtually no ads creep in. (sorry Google). They can sell all the meta data they want, I do not want to see the ads.

Sometimes in life we need to start fresh, and a new. it is like changing your Identity, to protect yourself from big brother, and hackers. In some sense this is an illusion. It is like living in the free world. No such thing.

The upgrade makes me happy, a sense of accomplishment, meaning to true value. but most importantly the new speed of this baby. I am a happy camper.

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