Happy Thanks Giving (Canada)

It is the long weekend here in Canada, we like to do things earlier then everyone else in world, mainly becuase winter stars here before everyone else gets to have it. Another significant milestone on this day history, was me coming into the world, or I like to think, they made a holiday just for me. 🙂 OKay, I see you are not buying it. This year I am now designated as an “old fart status.” Not quite retired, but close, only becuase the Government of Canada screwed everything up so much and gave our wealth away. Another story for another time. The days are colder now, my eye sight is a fraction of what it used to be, thus the new monitors, Yes, I’m ready to call it quits in the labour markets.

The Autumn colours of the trees at the South end of my Lot, from Yesterday.

With the unusually damp summer we had this year, I thought winter would arrived early this year, but it did not. Instead, the fall season seems like it will drag out for another couple more months. This is why people ten not live here, but rather down in Vancouver, it does get cold here for long periods of time.

Now the other big issue this year have been bears. Not all animals living in the wild have gone extinct, bears roam quite freely, and in large numbers below, this bear we saw yesterday, just outside of downtown Rosswood, at first did not seem too afraid of use, but later did run off into the forest.

SO happy Thanks Giving day, and B-Day (to myself) and long weekend to everyone else!


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