Big Bertha – Terrace, BC.

I had to get a photo of this. The back story is, at my former work, we had a double electric pallet jack that we called “Big Bertha.” So naturally, when I saw this on my first visit to Terrace, back in 2015, I wanted a photo of this to show my former co-workers. Sadly, we never had the time to stop and enjoy the Visitors/Information Centre for Terrace. Since this is last day of “freedom,” as I start my new work tomorrow, I wanted to take today for shooting photos in and around town with the morning light. So, here is “Big Bertha,” the “portable spar tree,” used in logging, back in the good old days.

I should point out, the day has been awesome. Lots of Sun, mixed in with high “puffy clouds,” as I heard a woman say, from near by. When I took this shot, there were about five other people stopping to take photos too. I guess Big Bertha is really popular–today. LOL

Anyway, the day is young, and I have so much more to shoot with my camera.

There is British Columbia Baking Away, and Then There is the North Coast

As you already may have heard, we are in the heart of forest fire season, and ninety percent of British Columbia is stuck in the grip of a nasty heatwave. But we here in Terrace, and the surrounding area are “blessed” with clouds and rain. The entire North Coast region sits under cool cloudy weather, while the rest of the Provence is “baking away” from the hot dry weather trapped down there. One would say it is awful that we have the clouds and rain, but think about it, I would rather have the clouds than the scorching heat of the Lower Mainland, where I just came from.

I just heard on the news that the little town of 100Mile House has been evacuated, and along with it, a number areas around it. My heart goes out to those people.

I could not live in that heat. I never liked it, and as a twist of luck as I moved up here, I left on the first couple of days after the start of the heatwave back on June 21, 2017 in Langley Township. Here, in Terrace, it has been awesome as far as the weather goes. We are very mild compared to the rest of British Columbia, and for the next week, we have rain on tap to look forward to. No threat of forest fires here. In fact, right now, there are no camp-fire bans. The parks are wide open.

Anyway, we all know that all this could change, as Mother Nature (prise Nature) can change on a dime, and we may face a heatwave. There is plenty of summer left for 2017. So fingers crossed.

UPDATE: The Government of British Columbia just issued a Provence wide campfire ban as of today (July 10, 2017), until October.

A Funny Sign

We took a drive just North of Terrace, BC, and came upon this sign on a farm. I had to look twice, then laughed. Anyway, I thought I would post it here so you could see it.

I posted it on twitter too, if you want to see a larger version of this photo.

We did a lot of driving around looking at houses here around town. There are some really nice homes. Lots of money here, judging by the sizes of some these houses. Nothing like dreaming, and a million dollars to go with it. 

A Job!

Very good news: I GOT A JOB! Well, not just any type of job, but one that I know very well, and I am very experienced at. I found a warehousing type job, but this one pays in the order of over twenty dollars an hour, and on top of that, nearly full benefits. I just found out about it on Friday, and then the flurry of paperwork started afterwards. In all, I am very happy with it. I run the warehouse, doing everything from shipping and receiving, ordering, inventory control and more. Also, they told me that there is no over-time period. That is music in my ears! Of course I will not disclose the company’s name here on my weblog, but let us just say they are well known in these parts.

Another point I would like to make, all the resumes that I sent out, I have got replies back–all of them. My girlfriend said that it is my experience, becuase most people here do not have the opportunities like I had from being down South, and the number of years at it, like I did. Also, most of the jobs that I applied were low wage jobs–I want to stress that. Then there are my “custom resume” ways of doing things. Every job, I type up a tailored resume and cover letter, in the hopes that the would-be employer will see what they want to see as opposed to having one that is a bio of my life. Regardless, there is work here, and some good paying jobs at that.

I start next Tuesday. I just did my criminal background check, and then start the processing for my employee identification. That nearly took an hour to do at lightening speed. Photographed, scanned and signed my life. And there is more to come!

Not bad–two weeks here and I found work. How sweet is that.

Flies – Lots Of Them!

I can say one thing, “I have not been in a place in Canada that has not got any flies during the summer.” Yes, I said it, I got flies here too, and lots of them. Up until now, today, the flies have not been that bad, but today, wow. The only thing that I changed, was setting up the fan in the bedroom, on the South side of my apartment. So I am pushing out my apartment air on the North side, in the shade, and the flies love it. If it was not for the screen, there would be a hundred of them inside.

Right now, the flies sit on the screen, waiting, searching for a weakness to break in. When I set the fan up on “high,” they went berserk, and most of them flew away, only to come back in greater numbers. Before I took this photo, there were about fifty flies on the screen, but the camera scared most of them away. Now that it is getting later in the day, the flies seem more active. But some still sit on my screen, waiting.

Ah, The Old World Has Not Changed One Bit

Life here in Terrace has been pretty laid back so far. No major stresses or outstanding worries, and most of the people here out in town have been very friendly. But my apartment block is a whole other world! So far, I have met about eighty precent of my neighbours. Out of that, maybe half have a job, and the other half, I am not sure. The little old lady who lives three doors down from me is another story, but I will type a little about her in this post. The new boys next door, well, it had only been five day since they moved in, and already I am thinking about getting out of here, as they drew the line for me. And the smoking, and begging…!

It has been hot here for the last week, so naturally I have been leaving my windows open. I bought some good screens to keep the flies out, and I have a fan blowing clean air from the back bedroom window. So far, today, it is 24C inside, and 28C outside. The weather has been fantastic, so say the least. I got up about 8:00 am, and made some breakfast and coffee to start the day with. I also have my computer set to watching the news, live streaming it, so I catch up on the day’s events. Then all of a sudden a face presses up against my front window–it was the little old lady from two doors down. She poke her head in as far as she could, and asked, “How are you. I was wondering if I could barrow $20.00 dollars from you?” I am setting in my chair in disbelief, “You are kidding” I thought. I replied, “No.” For several seconds she stood there, looking at me, then she got the hint and left. I am still a little freaked out about that. Nothing is private any more.

But last night took the cake. The two boys that moved in next door to me, well, they were drunk. They sit outside, smoking of course, and talking to each other about how the world owes them, and why they deserve so much more. I was totally caught off guard when one of them asked me if I had Internet, wifi, and if I could share it with until he got hooked up. Before I could answer him, the other fellow asked if I had booze of my own because they needed more. Rather than answering them, I just got into my truck and drove away. Long story–short, I did not get anything from the store–their Interact/Credit machines were out, so I came straight back home. The boys were just walking out when I pulling in. They asked me if I could give a lift down the road, and I said no, becuase I am going home and probably going to bed after that. After some obscenities, they waved me away, and kept on walking towards town. By this time, they could barely walk on their own from being so drunk. Yes, the wild West, or something.

Sometimes I think I am the only one that does not smoke cigarettes. When I took this place, the landlord specifically said to me that these apartments were none smoking. I think everyone here smokes. This is why I have the fan blowing air inside from the back room as opposed to having it in the front room. Sometimes they sit outside in front of their apartments to have their cigarettes, so the smoke drifts into my place if I have windows open. It is tolerable.

The one saving grace is there is hardly any noise, like partying, fighting, and music. So far, the place has been awesome for being quite. I hear the odd bit of noise, but in general, it is very quiet.

Like my girlfriend said, you expect this sort of thing for the rent money you are paying. I can say, with all honesty, I picked a low income area to live, for the value that I am paying. Well, the options were slim to say the least at the time before I moved here, but yes, I see another move in the near future.

The Old Bridge

I already did a post last year on the “Old Bridge” going over the Skeena River, so I will not get into details of the bridge, and all of it’s history, instead I talk about my day shooting it and surrounding areas on this super nice sunny day. Also, we call it the “Old Bridge” becuase Terrace has two of them crossing the Skeena. This bridge has a lot more “character” then the other, so it gets the most mentioned of the two, plus it is a lot older. I believe the bridge is over eighty year old now. I think I did do a check the last time posted on it. Anyway, the river was just low enough to walk underneath it.

A note about the people fishing with the net by the bridge. I guess the native food fishing is allowed, yet closed to all other fishers. Their net did not seem that big, and I did not see them catch anything. In fact, there were not fish when I walked them that I could see. Nonetheless, they seem to be having a great time with their families.

While I was walking over the stones, I saw several holes caused by the currents of water. Some of these holes looked really neat–a part of the river that I do not get to see all the time. Some of these holes did not seem right, or I could figure out why they were there in that spot and not others. A mystery.

I got right underneath the bridge. It actually looks different from this spot than I expected. I was surprised at how it was laid-out and the way it was being supported. There is a lot steel here.

The seemed to be a lower from when I first moved here. I guess with such good days, the rain has been down. I guess when it really heats with the summer heat, the ice on the mountains will melt faster, and maybe we will see a lot higher level than this.

My Back Yard – Welcome to Thornhill, BC

My back yard. My location is right next to Terrace, BC, but not officially right inside the city. Thornhill, is actually unincorporated under the Regional District of  Kitimat-Stikine, and has a population of about 4,500 people according Wikipeda. I live by the main highway, HWY 16, and I am very close to Terrace, BC, the near by city. My commute into the city (town) is about seven minutes.

A few block from me is the Skeena River, the main rive that flows through Thornhill and Terrace, on the East side. The funny thing about this sign is, about three months ago, there used to be a “Welcome to Terrace” sign right in the same spot. The head guy, from the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine that this area is part of his jurisdiction, not the City of Terrace. So the sign was taken down, and this was put in it’s place. I have photos of both.

I was about two kilometres from my place when I took these three photos above. The Skeena River is a little high, but well from flooding. Sadly, there is a fishing ban for the whole river due to low fish stocks. I am not sure why, but this seems like the very first year that all fishing has been cancelled.

The above photo is the Fishermen Memorial Park. right where the Kitisumkalum River flows into the Skeena River on the West side of Terrace. I was standing on the First Nation Reserve is of the river. Normally this place is teaming with boaters and fishers, but not this year due to the fishing closures. I only found a couple of boaters near the boat launch.

The Heart Farm – On The Kitsumkalum

Our Next stop was a special place called “The Heart Farm,” a few kilometres from Redsand Lake. The campsite sits on the Kitsumkalum Lake, and road was even worse. We used to go to this place as kids during school outings, I remember the road being a lot better then. The last time I was at this place was way back when I was Grade Six! Yup, that was a long time ago. The place has changed a lot since I was last here. The buildings and caretaker at gone, and the wide open spaces are gone from all the trees and bushed growing in. But the place is still a camp site. I was surprised to see some RV camping there. There a few tents too, but the place was far from full for the long weekend.

I am not sure if this is still a private came site, or a pubic one, but we had no troubles getting in. I saw no gate.

The beach was a little disappointing when comparing it to Redsand. The sand was the same, yes there were holes and fire wood mixed in with the sand. I guess people have camped right up to the beach. But the water itself was beautiful!

The view of the mountains from the park was nothing short of awesome. I used my 28-300mm lens on these shots with my Sony A77. The sun did follow us, as the clouds seem to break off, but there were showers very close by.

But the day was not over be stretch!

Redsand Lake

It was quite the drive, albeit less that thirty kilometres from out of town, the road was nothing to be desired, and we made it in under an hour. The last time I was here was back in 1983, and a very brief appearance in 1994, so I was a young Thomasso when I last ventured this place. The beauty never wore off. And to top it all off: We were the only ones there!

OK, the road was hell. The worse part was just before reaching the turn-off to go into the park. Once you get through that, it was clear sailing. One note though, the GPS we had showed nothing–no roads, no turn off, but at least showed where the lake was. So it was kind of funny watching this car floating on this sea of green on the monitor.

For a long weekend, it was not busy here. We were the only ones. Hard to believe. We walked up the beach, only to be greeted by a few birds and the splashing waves on the red sand from which the place got it name. The sand is really red here–really.

The sand felt good under my feet. It was not too powdery or fine, and did not have pebbles, or pieces of wood mixed in with it. In fact, I would argue, it was almost perfect sand. It sure felt nice when the sun hit it. The weather was “iffy” though, sixty percent chance of rain, but our time at the beach the Sun poked through the clouds making for an awesome time there.