Oh, It’s December Already?

Just like that, it is December already! Time flew for me this year, with so much going on, it was like just a blink of the eye, and to top it all off, we are nearing winter. With my super busy life, time has no rest for the… ummm… for the restless. Anyway, I have been keeping to myself lately, with my day job going on at one end of my life, and my next big adventure about to take off in my personal life at the other end, finding time to sit down and write out a proper post here on the weblog has been a challenge. So here is the first post for December 2016!

Not much to say so far about the month. Well, OK, I am not looking forward to the, as I call it, “The Month of Rudeness.” Yes, that’s right, The Month of Rudeness! I will explain  it in the bit. Needless to say, I see myself having less time to do these things I like doing, while I fall into line with dealing with more work and longer hours. Also, taping into my Time Bank, I have so much work to do around my home, the repairs alone I figure I need the full to do them with. But isn’t December always like this?

Yes, lets talking about The Month Rudeness shell we. I call it this becuase every year, since I can remember, December has had this special place in my life where I find it brings out the worse in people. I lay blame on the undo stress we ply ourselves with, whether clamouring off to do shopping, or winter preparations, whatever you want to call it, I see people flying off the handle becuase of it. So over the next few weeks I am going to observe this, paying special attention to how people behave, just to see if there a higher level of rudeness now than at other times of the year. You could also say I really need to get a life too! LOL

So, here is to another December! May it be a better one than the last.

The Possibility of Buying a Home!

Today is a bit of a mile stone: I reached my goal of a set amount in my savings. This means that I can, for the first time in my life, even consider the possibility of joining the exclusive club of free hold land owners. I am not talking about condominiums, strata or lease properties, which seem to be flooding the markets (and no one wants) but rather, owning the dirt under your feet land, with a house that has a foundation and driveway. The catch, it is not in the Lower Mainland, but still in British Columbia. I have no glorious job that yields a six figure pay cheque, or am I a member of high ranking criminal organization, but rather a low wage hourly worker, who somehow manages to scrape out an existence, honestly, with both hands. For this, where I work and currently rent, I cannot afford the land.

“The land owner is the highest status a commoner can hold in Canada,” an old friend once told me long ago. And he is right, in general terms. 

When I went into the Bank today, and asked for my balance, a pleasant smile came from the wonderful woman behind the desk as she scribe out the dollar amount onto the back of my receipt. She handed it to me, and I smiled back, saying, “Thank you!” It was a wonderful feeling seeing that number. I worked hard for it.

For now, I will keep going with it, keeping the money in the Bank while I continue to work, keeping my plans on track. More is better in the world of greed and gouging, so I will continue to keep adding my earned money to the account, knowing that at any time as soon as I see an opportunity, I can jump on it.

Remembrance Day

I stayed home for the day, due to my injury. But I did watch the ceremony on the CBC News Channel of the national Remembrance Day from Ottawa. Although grateful that today was a holiday, and a day away from work, I did not do much becuase of my arm. In fact, I am typing this post way after November the Eleventh becuase at the time I could not type, even if I wanted to. Healing was more on my mind at the time.

Happy Scary Halloween!

Yes, it has finally come to be–Halloween 2016 is here at last! Sadly on a Monday, but oh well, what is a day anyway–right. Work, fireworks and trick and treaters should all be interesting this year.


Who at my work will dress-up as what? Will there be lots fireworks this year, unlike last. And will little monsters and clowns be soliciting my neighbourhood, begging for candy? Oh what is in store tonight–the best night of the year–hummm?

Be safe this year. Wear costumes that can be seen at night while drivers deliver the little candy beggars door to door. Watch what you eat–candy goes right to your thighs and hips you know. Clowns, it is a sad time for them–be nice to them, you never know if you will be IT!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Thanks Giving – Some Photos to Share

I am just enjoying the long weekend, resting, relaxing as much as I can today, spending most of it at home, which goes hand in hand with not being at work while still getting paid for it. I slept in, as planned, and then took my tine getting up to face the day. Once up, and rejoicing that the curbside garbage got picked up too, I went for a walk after collecting my garbage can down my street, taking along my camera bag. This is what today looked like through my lens on this holiday Thanks Giving.


The above image are the Rose Hip bushes that grow along the side of the road by my home. Everywhere you go you will run into these plants, though I would not eat these becuase you have to walk through a swamp to get to them.


This is a good shot of the sky, or the type of day we had for weather. This Poplar Tree seemed like its leaves just turned yellow over night. I could have sworn that this tree was all green yesterday.


My favourite shot of the bunch, the Red Alder Leaves. I would call this the “Fall Shot” that best describes the season today. I just love the colours.


And just to balance out the colours on this web page, I have included these Pink Flower, which I think are Lady Slippers, though not too sure. The Bees sure love them. Sorry, no Bee shots.

Well, there you have it. All in a very short walk within just a kilometre from my driveway. After I post this, I will spend the rest of the day at home, enjoying the time off from work. So, Happy Thanks Giving!

October Already!

Well no doubt about it, October is here, as the weather changes to cool, and more grey skies seems likely, the trees seem to be holding off a little longer then I anticipated. Autumn has not yet gripped the landscape with the colours of fall, as the green trees still dominate, but the cool temperatures at night have. It seems that just when we hit the Autumnal Equinox, the thermostat suddenly switched over too along with. But that is OK, since we have had in recent years Octobers in the past where the weather went very warm until November, but no one really can predicted what will really happen, and this year could be a coin toss as to how warm, or cold, it will be.


Right now it is sunny out, but last night it was damp and overcast. Hummm, I wonder if we will get any snow this year?

Day of the Equinox, a Day of Condolences and Celebrations

As summer ends, and the fall season begins on this day of the Autumnal Equinox, so to are family and friends, as some who are close to me have passed on in death, their mortal bodies cease and their life essence leaves our sphere of relativity. Such as life, we go on: reborn with new from the old, and like the seasons, the cycles goes on. But today is different; equal day and night, and from death brings life, and so forth. I lost an Aunt, from my Mother’s side, and my best friend lost a sibling, her younger brother. I learned that my niece is pregnant, due in a few weeks, and a friend from my 20s celebrated his fatherhood with a set of twins (at age 38). It is odd that today of all days, it begins with condolences, and ends with celebrations. Maybe this is true, life and death should be celebrated as equals? But in this case, I have to agree, all being equal.


I’m Still Here, Just Fighting Time, and Those Damn Deadlines

For the record, I have not abandon the weblog. I am just super busy. Work, stuff around the house, and other issues on my private side, time all of a sudden is racing against me. So this post is just a filler post, just to let you all know that I am still here, but not able to sit down and compose my thought at the keyboard. I know the following nest two weeks are going to be lots of overtime and endless work, but I will try and cram a few posts in as I can.

The Child’s Mind

Kids are wonderful to talk to because they say the most unpredictable things that even an adult could not possibly come up with. Sometimes, they themselves make me sit in awe at their logic and reasoning. But too much information, their little brains just shut off anyway, so I most often give them short direct answers, and they usually are satisfied and go away happy with the newfound knowledge they just acquired.

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine from my work had his seven year old son with him when we got together for a chat over coffee. I was being asked about any advice I could give regarding his home network he was building, and the kid was patiently sitting, listing to us talk. I went on for about twenty minutes, doodling on some paper, sketching out schematics and plans that I think might work for him. Then the young boy blurted out, “do you know why all the trees are green”?

I looked at him, and said, “Yes, Yes I do, but are you sure you want to hear the answer. It may not make sense to you?” The kid was so focused on me, I could feel his gaze burning through me.

Normally, I just start with a short answer, and then take note if the kid is still wanting more, then pour on some scientific jargon, sprinkled it with some facts and figures, hoping that will suffice. But in this case, the young mind wanted more. And more I gave him.

“Yes,” I said, “ it is because of the Sun, and how the plants, like trees, need the Sun’s energy to live. The Green wavelength of the Sun is the highest out of the Electro Magnetic spectrum being emitted from it.  Therefore, the plants use the green pigment to capture the most amount of that light energy. We call that Photosynthesises. This is when plants use the light energy to break down the chemicals they take from the air and ground and turn it into food they can live off of.”

A quick check, and the kid’s eyes have not glazed over yet…

“So ask yourself this, why do plants not use black pigment instead?” I rambled on.

Kid is still focused one hundred percent on me. OK, keep going.

“Well, the problems with using black pigment is,” taking a long deep breath, “the plants would absorb the heat and other forms of radiation that are given off from the Sun and that would cause more damage than good for the poor plants.” I pause.

The kid’s eyes are starting to glaze over. Yes, he is going into ignore mode. I can feel it.

“So, do you have any questions.” I looked at the kid for a check, and now he is clearly focused on something else. Yes, he is getting bored.

“No” he says. I got it. “I already learned that in Mr. Daten’s class last year. He is a scientist, and he made a tonne of discoveries, and inventions, like stuff they use on the Moon…,  and other things like that.”

Yeah, you gotta love the young mind.

Long Weekend! At Last!

First, wow, September already. Time does pass by when you are not paying attention to it. Second, it was a good day to watch the setting sun. I took my camera along too, to catch it. It was good: on a scale of one to ten, a seven. Lastly, wishing fall and winter fly by quickly for me. I am not looking forward to the cold and wet of these two seasons.

The Surrey BC Sky Line Sept 3 2016 Weblog Image

I guess I am never prepared to meet the month of September head on. I think it has a lot to do with my childhood: being whisked off to school against my will. I never liked school when I was a kid. The bullies, the teachers, and long hours sitting in a classroom wishing to get out of there and explore world. Yes, those were rough times for me. Never did like them that much. But still, September still has that feeling of loss and regret for me. Summer is over, and the work of preparing for winter begins in earnest. Already I miss summer, and technically we are still in summer, though you would never know it by looking outside to day. Bahh.

I decided to make an effort to view the sunset from my favourite location, Brander Road in Abbotsford, BC, about ten kilometres from my place. I thought with all the big clouds in the sky, today would be a good one. Like all things with nature, change is a constant. The sky started clearing, and by the time sunset arrived I only had a few clouds to make that dramatic sunset shot I wanted. Nonetheless, I think I got a few good shots.

What I like about this location that I took the above photo from, is I am standing in Abbotsford, BC, and I am looking across Langley Township, at the skyline of Surrey, BC. This is nearly a thirty kilometre shot. Of course I am using my 300mm zoom lens, so I am pretty much looking through a small telescope.

I was something sweet while I was standing on the side of the road with my mammoth lens, shooting the sunset. A couple was walking along Brander Road going North bound. I passed them when I was driving up to the viewing site. The Sun Set was at 7:50pm, and this couple had just timed it right, as they got to where I was just at that moment to see it for themselves. They sat on the cement pylon, and watch the final moments of Sun’s rays as the Sun slowly sank behind the horizon. I thought, “that is love if I ever saw.” Once the moment was over, they started walking back to where they came from, still holding hands, walking slowly.

It was a good day to watch the sunset. 🙂