New Shots: Moss, Tracks and Holly Bushes.

I am rushing all over the place this weekend, armed with my 1 metre long list of to-dos, and I have some dead-lines. So much to do, yet so little time to do it all in. Actually, I am just doing what I can without burning myself out becuase I have learned from last weekend that running my butt off just does not make any sense at all. So I am coasting. If I do not complete all of my tasks, then so be it. How can you fire a friend who is helping?

For an hour today, this evening, I walked down the street from my home to shoot plants and other objects along the road. I caught the Sun right at the perfect time, that “golden hour.” I got some cool shots.

I love the above photo, it is a Holly bush. I love the bokeh (the blurry background that is out of focus–happy Kay) with the Sun shinning off of the other leaves.

From tracks to moss. The above photos is taken looking between two sections of railway tracks that were laying on blocks of wood along the ditch beside the actual railway. I used my favourite 30mm Macro lens for that shot.

More moss. Again, using my favourite 30mm Macro lens.

Have a great day, and I hope you enjoyed my photos!

Today’s Beautiful Sunset From Fort Langley

It was a beautiful sunset, and me and a friend walked down to the river to do sunset shots on our after diner walk from the park. The sky was clear and the light was a very orange colour as the Sun sank below the horizon. The river water was like glass, and it made for a nice effect as the sun light reflected off from it in this golden colour that you can only get late, or early, in the day. For me, after such a cloudy winter, seeing this sunset was nice, as we are deprived of these sunsets here along the West Coast.

See what I mean about the colour, in the above image?

The above image was shot with my 30mm macro lens, and the bottom two were shot with my 55 to 200mm telephoto lens.

The above image was just after a fisher cast a line across the river.

The colours are just stunning! The above image is some driftwood sticking up above the water near the shore.

Enjoying the Long Weekend – Another Photo Shoot & Hike

I went back to Brae Island this morning to do some more shooting. Met more photographers, though these people were much more serious then the people I met last night. These guys were on the hunt for boaters on the river. They were armed with Canon cameras, with super expensive 500mm lenses that could see a tick on the shoulder of a rower one hundred metres away. I call this “canon” perv lenses becuase they photograph anything over long distances with sharp clarity. These lenses are way out of my price scale.

So anyway, I started off with my new 14mm lens, capturing the clouds and water as I started off the day with some good Sun.

Then I switch it over to one of lenses that I hardly every use, my 55 to 200mm lens. I did some macro shooting with it, going for some good bokeh shots.


The weekend is still young – lots of shooting time left in the day!

More Photos from Yesterday’s Hike With the 14mm

I am still looking through all of the photos I took yesterday, picking through them, looking for those awesome shots that stand out. I am still in awe at this lens, the 14mm super wide angle, which is a lens that I have always wanted for my camera, (but not including my 30mm macro). Getting the lens just before the start of a long weekend was an awesome set of circumstances too, as the timing could not have worked out better. The weather held up, giving Fort Langley some unexpected sunshine, and to end the day off with a very nice sunset.

It is hard to believe that I was standing only 20cm away from this tree sprout in this shot. The distortion is there, but hardly noticeable to the viewer. It is cloudy out today–which is good becuase big puffy clouds means good wide angle lens shooting!

Testing my 14mm Lens Out in the Field

I took the 14mm lens out into the field on Brae Island across the Fraser River from Fort Langley, BC, and walked the hiking trail shooting like crazy with my Sony A33. Field testing this lens, I learned right away that focusing and adjusting the F Stop is very picky when running in full manual mode. I guess I got too lazy with a camera that does really good automatic mode shots, and completely forgot how old school cameras worked.

It is freaky looking through a 14mm lens! I never had such a wide angel lens before. I basically have a 90 degree field of view and with a good F2.8, the images are fairly sharp.

Extreme macro shots are very nice with this lens too. My minimum focus distance is about 29cm, so I can some good bokeh with it.

However, I bought the lens for doing land scape shots – and this lens does that very well. I also want to some night time photography shooting star trails and sky shoots. When I get some cloudless nights, I will set this up for that.

So, off into the sunset I kept shooting. The day turned out great, and I met another photographer along the way too. He invited me to the local camera club. I may go to it, just to check it out.

There was Sun Today: I Did a Short Hike – Taking My Camera Alone Too!

Although not scheduled on the weather forecast, the weather changed enough to mark the afternoon with some sunny breaks. Perfect for sneaking out down to the trail to photograph the forest kicking into spring. Without further ado, here are some of the shots I took today while on the trail (Fort to Fort) in Fort Langley.

I would like to point out that these water drops are one hundred percent natural. These are from Mother Nature herself, not from a spray bottle–as in, it has rained here for two weeks straight, on and off, so there was no need for the water spray bottle. Sadly, it was windy out, so focusing on such a small object was a challenge because of the inconsistent gusts moving the branches around. Finally, I just used one hand to hold the branch still enough, and hoped for the best taking the shot.

Next, below, I was working with my noise density (ND) filters going for the shot that had way too much light in the sky.

What I did was use a graduated #3 noise density filter, which added 3f stops to the sky and left the ground and water areas of the photo in their natural levels of light. Had I not done this, the clouds would have looked over exposed, and would look almost whiteout at the point where you could not have seen the detail in the cloud formations. These filters were the best $30.00 I spent on filters–wonderful deal.

By the way, it is still way to cold for the beginning of April. Nonetheless, it is nice to finally reach April. Hoping for better weather to come!

IGA Update in Fort Langley

This is just an update of how far the IGA building is going, in Fort Langley, in its construction. Nothing special, other than they have the roof done, and they appear to be working the walls now. It also seems like they are putting it together at a faster rate now.

It will take some getting use to now entering the IGA from Church Street instead of off Mavis Avenue. Also remember that they are building a “L” shape building around the store with shops and apartments on top on the second floor. It will look really nice once it is all done.

Above: walking from the Post Office on Church Street.

Above: Looking at the entrance from Church Street (looking at the corner of Church and Mavis).

Shot from Glover Road, on the original site before the fire of January 4th, 2011.

The Last Bit of a Great Weekend

Parting is bitter sweet, but it was great great to finally have a Sun filled weekend with no interruptions of clouds, even though the nights were brutally cold. Now, the clouds have moved in, high clouds, but nonetheless this qualifies as overcast, but it seems to be trapping in the heat. So one last push to get outside and enjoy the weather, and do some photography in the good light as it could be another long stint before we see unobstructed skies like this again.

The above image was taken down by the railway tracks in Fort Langley. The pile of metal bits looked cool, as I have walked by these things so often. I thought why not take some abstract shots of patterns and weird composition?

The image was also the first of three editing procedures I have never done before either. First, I converted and did post-production editing straight from RAW. Second, I saved this into a JPEG, as normally I save my images in PNG format. Lastly, I re-added the EXIF metadata tab back to the image, so that it displays only my copyright information embedded within the image.

I will still put my coveted water marks on my images, but now I can also make sure that the metadata is also correct too showing me as the copyright holder. You know, that owner’s paranoia thing that everyone is so freaked out about when uploading content to the Internet.

With shooting so many photos this weekend, I may spend the rest of the week going through them all, and perhaps posting a few  then on the blog. I estimated that I took over 300 images in the last two days? Wow!

Walking Through Fort Langley

This morning I got up early to do some street shots of down town Fort Langley, capitalizing on have hardly anyone around, and getting that nice sunlight as it just pops up in the East. This was day two of super sunny weather, but still way too cold for spring. The video is just some of those shots that I took this morning. For some reason I could not get the video to load from my camera, as I made so many setting changes over the last few days to it that I did not have time to fiddle with it while on the street–time was precious. So no videos, just photos in it this clip.

I think the middle part of the video is the best as that part is where I put all of the flower shots. The flowers turned out the best. Not surprisingly being the type of lens I am using.

I used just my 30mm Macro lens for all of these shots. With my camera, this works out to about just under a 50mm lens on a 35mm format.


Also, this is the first video that I uploaded in 1080p, and 720p formats. High Definition Video!

The music is me of course. I wrote this using the LMMS on my Ubuntu 11.10 PC.

Enjoy the video. Let me know what you think of it?