Another Cool Photo I found While Archiving

I spent some more time today archiving my stack of DVDs full of images, and found this sunset shot from circa 2005.

This shot is obviously of Glenn valley, at the same location as the photo shown in my last post before this one, but with a worse camera. Wish I had a better camera for this shot as the Sunset looks absolutely gorgeous.

Judging by the all the con-trails up in the sky, how can you tell I live near an airport?

Those were the Days, circa 2001

With all this free time I have lately, I have being sorting out my huge, and ever growing, collection of images. Five digital cameras later, and fifty DVDs loaded with images from them, my collection was getting out of hand. When I wanted an image that I remembered taking from about five years ago, it took two days of searching through the possible disks until I eventually found it, only to be disappointed that the image was not quite what I wanted. So I have spent the last week, off and on, archiving my library of images.

While I was going through them, one disk, my July 2001 disk caught my attention becuase that was when I started taking a large numbers of images from around town.  Up until then I was that opportunist photographer who carried a camera around, but I only took a shots when I thought it was going to be a good one. Since then, I am the random shooter, with a rule that if there is the possibility of a good shot, then so be it. That is the beauty of digital cameras – no such thing a wastefulness – just delete them if they suck.

OK, the two images that I choose today from way back in 2001 are as follows:

The above image was taken in Abbotstford, BC, looking down into Glenn Valley at the Fraser River where the Albion Ferry crossing used to be. Where the river forks, that is McMillian Island, and to the Left of that is Fort Langley, BC. This photo was a mistake becuase of the Sun and the way it reflected through the lens. As a rule, I never throw away any image. Really!

Fort Langley, BC, circa 2001. Obviously the Bank has changed hands, and the Pizza and Fish & Chips joint look different today, but surprisingly the buildings themselves have not changed that much. Now there are planted trees and cute lamp-posts along the sidewalks, but basically everything still looks the same.

Cherry Blossoms

I have been told on good authority that these are Cherry Blossoms. I took this photo today while I was doing my afternoon run along the Fort to Fort Trail. Strangely, these trees were not there the day before. I think the Parks People, who work for the Township, transplanted them there.

These are by the pump house along the creek that flows along the outskirts of Fort Langley, BC. I guess the Parks People, or who ever is in charge, wanted the pump house to look pretty?

The Month End Report

It is always sad to see the end of something and become cautious heading into something else. Normally I would agree to this, but March 2011 has not been one of those periods. In fact, The month, and most all of the beginning of the year, has been very disappointing. It is really tough to break down all of the positive accounts from the bad ones, and lump them all into one nice little paragraph. Mind you, there are a couple of very positive outcomes, but they are only in contrast to the gloom of the general state of the Canadian economy and preceding nauseating effects of the glacial speed recovery. I can understand why everyone is so reclusive and withdrawing; when even citizens are practising austerity measures of their own to fight bankruptcy, nothing moves fast.

I have met many people who have given up, yet will not admit it. They are the ones of whom worry me. Which is funny when I hear marketing experts and business people talk about how we all must diversify, these are same tards that forget that thirty percent of the population is in, or near retirement. This translates into a very large chunk of our population that is living on fixed incomes. For the young and budding business person, exploiting any segment of the market that has potential is fair game, but whine and complain when our elders do not nibble at their marketing. Yet, for other reasons, our seniors are responding to the attention, but not in the way that marketers want. Seniors are craving attention, and seek companionship, no matter how little, or from what source, but talking to someone, interacting, bonding, this is a human condition. So they spend money to seek that attention. To meet with a person who is eating Chinese noodles, cabbage, and wieners, once a day for seven days straight, and they will not admit it, scares the shit out of me. These seniors are in a self made prison in the sense that they have very little interaction and contact with stimulating people. This is why they will have a sales person come into their house and sell them a Seven Hundred dollar vacuum cleaner to fulfil that need.

I have started taking up hiking, and I will slowly get back into running again once I have achieved a better level of fitness. Baby steps. But yes, time to rid myself of the “spare-tire” that is wrapped around me.  I have started the Fort to Fort Trail and then I will start on some of the other trails once I get familiar with them. Today’s run was great. I have hope yet! I power-walked the whole trail, 8 km in total. The weather was perfect and there was lots of other joggers too, so this could be a good very good change for me.

On a side note, I seen my first sighting of a woodpecker. He was chewing up the top of the hydro-pole at the end of my block. How this bird does not get a headache is beyond me?

Well, it is late. I want to type on, but I must get sleep. Tomorrow is April Fools day.  I must be on guard as I know many pranksters!

The Fort Trail Tail

Now that spring is underway, I have being upping my hiking time, going to the old ferry terminal and the Fort to Fort Trail more often. I chose to walk the Fort to Fort Trail because there was plenty of daylight, few people on it, and I really enjoy that part of the river. As my luck would have it, there was a reason why there were few people on it – bad weather. Bad luck instead.

We have been under a severe weather warning for most of the day with rain fall amounts of over 50mm. Last night it was crazy with how hard it rained. I was awakened from the noise of the rain hitting my roof around 3:00am, it was that bad.

This afternoon it calmed down enough that the ground was starting to dry up. But as soon as I gotten about one kilometre into the hike, the rain started. I had to turn back because I took my camera with me. Had I not had the camera with me, I would have kept going.

Anyway, here are some photos from that hike. I started taking the photos at the IGA parking lot, and old site from where the building stood before the January 2011 fire, and then crossed the tracks at Glover Road, and onwards on the Trail. Enjoy the photos.

Oh, I also put all of them in my photo gallery, the link is over to the right under “Pages.” Check it out.

IGA Parking lot, and old IGA building site looking towards Glover Road.

Above: The historic Fort Langley, BC train station.

Glover Road, the bridge that connects McMillan Island and Former Albion Ferry Terminal to Fort Langley, BC – Looking East.

Preaching Promiscuity Bastard Style

I was visiting a friend of mine of whom I have not seen for a while. This was one of those unannounced visits. I knocked on the door, he invited me in, and he offered me a tea. But before I go further into this event, I will be purposely leaving many details out, and will not name names. In fact, just the very fact that I am writing this out could spell disaster for some people, especially for my friend. But I do not care because I have taken a stance, and if you read the title, it involves a certain level of promiscuity and adultery, and you should understand why I have posted this. But first, the story.

So we sat down in the living room (I am making this part up) and started talking about the latest gossip and how everyone is doing in and around town. About an hour into the visit, my friend suddenly proclaims that I have to leave at 2:00pm. Then he tells me that he is using me as an excuse to tell his wife that he will not be home until late tonight because we are supposedly going to be talking all evening. A certain woman that he met three years before was coming over and they were going out for dinner. He invited her out for dinner!

I was shocked! “What about your wife,” I asked?

He told me not to worry about that. But I could not. Instead I kept hounding him about how wrong this was on so many levels. But he continued on, totally unabated by the terrible act that he was about to commit. At 2:00pm he asked me to leave so that he could get ready and they would meet. So I left.

This got me thinking while I was walking home from his place about how we are monogamist creatures, and that our social structure is totally based on this idea. I really had a hard time putting this into perspective. But then my mind focused on purl marriage. That popped into my head as I remembered my studies in social law, looking at the Mormons in Bountiful, British Columbia as a case study, and the current legal challenges that are going on there. These are people, the Mormons, are fighting a legal battle in Canada to have the right to have purl marriages as they claim it is part of there social order. But this argument does not hold water to my friend’s dilemma as his wife did not enter into this agreement to be shared, or share with, another woman.

I am still numb as I cannot believe that a man could throw his marriage out just to search the green grass on the other side of the river?

Film Crew in Fort Langley

On my way to the Post Office there were people and film and set equipment everywhere. The sure signs of a film being shot there. I guess becuase of the rain, which happens from time to time here in Fort Langley, they were waiting it out when I walked by.

According to my sources, which are unconfirmed, this film is called, ” The Dibbuk Box.” This area that they were at today was along the corner of Mary Avenue and Church Street, in Fort Langley, where it appears to be a car crash scene, of the aftermath of one, along Church Street.

I also know for sure that tomorrow (Tuesday march 22, 2011) they are shutting down Glover Road by the Sushi Restaurant for a major film-shooting of a car crash scene there. I have a Notice of Filming for that here with me. I can say that this is for “The Dibbuk Box,” according to that news letter.

It seems like a while since we had a film crew working in Fort Langley. I thought it had more to do with the economy, but according to my friend, who works in the business, it is more to do with the season and weather than anything else. Still, I am sort of happy to see them back. They do not bother me, and it is kind of exciting to see them here. I have met some very famous people over the years do to the filming here in town.

The above photo is the actual carnage on the street. There is a basket ball along the side of the road by the white picket fence, so I am assuming that this was a scene that involved a child getting hit by a passing car while chasing that ball. Everyone is standing around becuase of the rain.

Film Issues in Fort Langley

UPDATE: I just heard that the person who was the coordinator had been told that she will keep her position. A friend of mind, who knows a friend, through a friend, found out late today about this. Please disregard the rest of this post!

I was at the Post Office on Tuesday when I saw this petition posted on the wall inside. I never thought much about until I started talking to some friends and other residence about this. I quickly learned that the person who is the coordinator for Fort Langley, with the film companies, does play a vital role.

I discovered that availability and knowledge base are the two key components that will be lost once this position is replaced outside of Fort Langley.  Knowledge base, in the from of contact with residences, and having someone from within the community, means that the footprint for networking through the community is more efficient than through a central office in Langley Township. And availability means that the time frame for people from within the community, and the film industry, have a wider timetable to work with than someone who is regulated through office hours.

Perhaps the root cause is strictly downsizing to saving money by centralising job positions, but in sight of this, a petition is posted at the Fort Langley Post Office. It seems to be gathering numerous signatures from residence.

Here is what the Letter of Petition says:

Filming in Fort Langley

On February 28th/2011 at the Township of Langley’s Council Meeting the Engineering Department will be proposing changes to the current filming guidelines for Fort Langley.

One of the changes proposed is that film companies will not be required to retain the services of the Fort Langley Film Coordinator but to have filming handled  at the Township level.

Given the uniqueness of our community and the unusually high volume of filming it has been proven that an on site film coordinator has become essential. This ensures that projects run smoothly with the least amount of inconvenience and interruption to business owners and residents.

If you feel that this position is valuable to our community please support by writing to one or all of the following.

Shirley Stewart, executive director

Mark Bakken, Cheif Administrator, Township of Langley


Jorden Bateman
Steven Ferguson
Charlie Fox
Mel Kositsky
Bab Long
Kim Richter
Bev Dornan
Grant Ward

Mayor, Rich Green

(This date may change).”

Here is the photo

Fort Langley Librarian Retiring

Today is an emotional day at the little library in Fort Langley. Mary Marquette, a person of whom I have know for many years, will be retiring effective after today. Fort Langley will be loosing one of its long-time icons of public services, and a good friend in the library.

Many people will be coming out to the library to see her off today. I popped in right around the library opened this morning to say hi, and to see if the rumours were true that she was in fact leaving us today. She enthusiastically confirmed this.

For me, Mary will be the person who welcomed everyone with her warm smile and enthusiastic greetings, no matter who walked through the doors of the library. She is the person who loves her job, and her intimate knowledge of the people of Fort Langley, and beyond, which in my mind, makes her one of the keystone people of this town. She is friend to all, and she probably knows all of us, alphabetically.

She bestowed the power of reading, good company, and friendship, to many people both young and old in the community. She has also made the library a friendly place to be where all are welcomed, and encouraged the pursuit of knowledge and connection to so many. To the children, and the avid readers, she was there, ready to assist whenever possible.

We will all still see Mary around town, in her civilian capacity, as it appears that she has no plans of moving.

If you are reading this today, before the library closes at 5:00pm, please come in, as there will be refreshments served, and lots of folks at the library to wish Mary all the best.

Missing the Fort Langley IGA

I took my usual walk around town today, from the Post Office, then around back over to Mavis, then across Glover Road, then home. I stopped off to see the progress of the IGA site, and see how that is coming along.

The site is almost cleared of the building rubble, and the rotting food left behind, from the fire back in January. The workers, the clearing and excavating company, have almost got all the building marital excavated and hauled away. There are very few remnants of the former site left. A few bushes, and a post in the ground, but nothing recognisable from the old store.

I want the store back. I miss it, and the people who worked there.

I ran into a couple of the former employees of the old IGA store. One is working in Walnut Grove, while the other is still taking time off since the fire and is going back to school. They were both sad, yet were focused on the now, since the store burnt down, so life goes on for both of them. But they do miss it. They said that they miss the customers the most, and are greeted when ever they are seen by some of those former customers. “People always stop and talk and ask how I’m doing now that I have no job,” one of them said.

So, here is hoping that they rebuild soon!