I Know, It’s Friday The Thirteenth

Yes indeed, it is Friday the Thirteenth, but in all, the day was not that bad. Though, it could have always been better, but never look at gift horse in the mouth, right! No, seriously, it has been a great day: here is why. Making no waves here!

Unexpectedly, I was notified that my annual review from my work was due today. Just to back track, I never had it last year, and the one from before was eighteen months late, so obviously no one at my work seems to be keeping track of these things. Like that last one, this one was no different. Overall, is was a very positive review, with the emphasis on good team work and good work attitude. I guess they notice that I show up every day, and take very little time off–that is how I interpret it. Unlike the one from before, this one was really quick–which I appreciated. Sure, if there was a problem, or issue, then we should sit down and talk for an hour or two. In this case I glad becuase I wanted to go home. They never do these at the beginning of the shift. LOL

Signs of the Flu. My body is almost rid of that pesky flu bug that has plagued me for the two-and-a-weeks. Sleep is that now, I can get a good night sleep now–so wonderful. There is the odd snot ball, but for the most part, no more rivers of snot from my nose, and my lungs seem to be healed now–but there is the odd lung button coughed up every now and then. In all, I feel pretty good. I still believe that this is all tied to the weather. Just to much of a coincidence here, eh?

OK, yes, I did make some small waves. Only small ones. A friend, who I still can call a friend, finally paid me the money he owed me from years back. I actually gave up on the debt after five years of nothingness. I just let it go. But then last week he popped in for a visit, and the topic of that money came up. When I lent the cash, a small loan of $300.00, which I wrote up a small contract, he agreed to pay it back in a five month term, in one lump sum. I kept the paper, as a memento, just in case such an opportunity would pop up again, like it did last week. He asked me for another loan. Well, you can guess what I said after that, happily reminding him of the outstanding loan. I must of really rattled his cage because he came back today, and paid me–in full. Will I loan to him again? Hum.

The weather still sucks here. Sure, it is not raining, or blowing, or too hot; quite the opposite. We are still in the grip of the deep freeze, the Arctic Vortex something unheard of over the last few years when we were getting warm ocean currents in our favour. Hopefully, the weather prognosticators are correct, this nightmare should be ending after this weekend. Rumour has it, we might see temperature as high as plus 10C! I cannot wait! Bring it on–faster. LOL

Taking Time Off

Loving the idea of having the next tree days from everything, is nice, but I am starting to develop what seems to be a full blown flu bug. Is there some cosmic joke playing at me, taunting me with 72 hours of bliss, and I get the flu right at the start of it? Right now I have the stuffed nose, congested lungs and a headache that comes and goes when it feel likes. Right now, talking is difficult becuase of the coughing. Some are enjoying my silence, but once it passes, I will talk up a storm to appease them. (Grin)

The Sun came out, but that only meant that it was bitterly cold out. I think it was -4C when I took these shots. The weather prognosticators are suggesting that we will be getting more snow for tomorrow, and possibly the day after. Great, more snow. I guess no bargain hunting shopping this week–staying home if it snows too much.

Yeah, I just rechecked my patio thermometer again, and it is showing -4C out.

Funny, the above shot seems like it is nice and warm day out, but it is not. There are icicles in this shot. Time to stay inside where it is warm, and drain my nose.

Enjoying the Snow Moment

Greater Vancouver gets snow! I just got home from work, as I worked the evening shift, so it is about 10:00pm now, and the white fluffy snow flakes are a coming down like, like…, like it has not since February 2015, according to CBC Vancouver. This event is like the changing of a president, or an economic super meltdown, or a catastrophic event of bilabial proportions, when it snows in Vancouver, the whole world hears our cry: It rarely snows like this here, we cannot drive in it! Snow is something we know we will get, but rarely see, and preparing for this is at the tail end of our To-Do lists. Snow tires? What are those? Seeing drivers putting around with the barest of wheels on their vehicles is past “funny” on the “Believe it or Not” scale, it borderlines pity.

As I drove home from my work, I had no trouble with the control of my SUV. Yes, I must stress that I own a SUV, a 4 X 4 SUV! Size and power makes a world of difference on the road with snow on ice conditions. I was in complete control throughout my entire trip–as long as I kept my speed no higher than 50km/h. That is the utmost point of the road conditions today–not having to much momentum so that safely stopping in a timely manner can be done. However, in my pursuit of safe-driving while on my way home in the snow, I have a young, wet-behind-the-ears driver, who insisted that his safe speed, for his little Honda (with summer tires), was a brisk 65km/h. His stopping range was beyond what was safe while braking at the intersection of Glover Road and 88th Avenue. He could not stop, and all I felt was a gentle tap from behind. He Rear-ended Me!

The damage was all his. My poor tow-hitch had a little rust scrapped from off of it. In all, myself and my Pathfinder are good. The young, wet-behind-the-ears driver of the little Honda, now has to replace his front grill that ripped off when we parted ways on the road. For me, I laughed at him silently under my breath, as he swore and cursed, and billowed and whined, looking down at his damaged vehicle, and then at the snow. But in all, the damage was minor, and not even worth going to the insurance company to make a claim over it (well, for me at least). The moral of this little story is, respect the snow on the roads, and see the signs; in other words, anticipate the conditions.

Sitting back and enjoying this new bit of scenery was a small bit of pleasure as I watched the big white fluffy snow flakes fall from the sky and land on the ground. A true winter wonderland, and winter is not for a couple more weeks to go–what a deal. The cold, below freezing weather, has been a bit of a aggravation for me, living in a trailer, these are not the best homes to live in while parked under an Super Arctic Air Mass that is covering all of Canada. But all this white, everywhere, is a nice change.

Next week, rumour has it,  we are in for an even worse super arctic blast from the North, where we might see temperatures rip below -12C! That is just unheard of in these parts. And worse yet, this arctic blanket of goodness might stay with us until mid January! Yes, some nether-regions of my lower body just disappeared inside me.

Arm and Leak Issues

To sum up these last few days into one word, it would be the word “pain,” as the most common thought that runs through my mind twenty-four hours a day. After my second trip to the Doctor for the check-up, and a week on these lovely pills that keep the inflammation down, pain is with me day and night. I fear this could last longer than I expected based on experiences from friends who have had similar injuries.


However, I am optimistic, and I have noticed a drop in how much this injury is hurting over the last week. In fact, my mobility has increased greatly. I can lift my arm straight up now; something I did not dare to do just seven days ago. So progress is slow, but surely.

I am still on light-duties at my work. Even with one good arm, I am still showing up for work. My co-workers seem to appreciate this effort, although I sometimes think I am nuts, but it is better than sitting at home focusing on the pain. This is Doctor approved, by-the-way. And I will not lose any money from my pay cheque—yay.

From the last couple of down-pours of rain, my skylight in my bedroom started to leak—again. I had this problem two years ago, and fixed it with this really tough tape that seemed to work wonders. This time the leak was not from old age and weather cracked, but from the ten kilograms of soaking wet leaves that collected on my roof from the last set of storms. Last night’s rain, which was unbelievable, was the final straw that finally broke it from all the weight. The leak has spewed about two litres of water on just the first night that it started. This is a major problem, and one that I need two good arms and a nice sunny day to deal with.

So happy the weekend is here!

Shouldering the Hurt

Yes, this will be another post about how sore my shoulder is, with the whining and moaning too. I should point out that I have seen a doctor, down at the walk-in clinic, and I have been given anti-inflammatory medication for it, plus x-rays, and an invitation to do some physiotherapy. For the most part, I can feel it getting better, but at this point in time, the hurt is going to be with me for a long while yet. I am working, so I am not totally gimped to the point of being bedridden.

So, it is a sprain. I feel like I want to cut it off because it hurts so bad. I cannot raise my arm up—even if I wanted to. I keep my arm down because even wearing a sling is painful. Tying my shoes, putting on my shirt and jacket, and writing are all next to impossible for me to do. I am left handed; I write and use that arm for most things in my daily routines. What use to be routine has now turned into a long, pre planned, calculated process, as each task is fraught with obstacles.

Sleeping is probably the most irritating issue I have right now. I cannot sleep—period. My arm is just too sore to sleep. It does not matter what position I have it in, the pain keeps me up. Perhaps the longest period of time I can sleep before I am awaken with pain, is maybe an hour at best. I am hoping that the anti-inflammatory pills start their magic—soon.

The cool rainy weather is also making matters worse too. I find when my arm is cold, the pain is elevated. I wear a sweater for that. The problem is, then the rest of me is sweating if I keep the sweater on too long. A heat pad is good, but that only works if I am sitting down, or laying in bed—does not help when I am walking about. But the pain does drop noticeably when I keep my arm warm.

In all, this has been a very bad week for me. Even typing this out is a chore-in-a-half. But I am getting better.

Things That Kept Me Up At Night

I was having a rough week. Work was dragging me down, dealing with home issues and of course family and friends with things like deaths, funerals and the aftermath of it all. But on this particular night, it was all about the little things.

At first, the day turned great. Sunny and warm, so I guessed that it would remain warm all night. Boy was I wrong. After I dosed off, I found myself waking again, shivering under my covers because it got so cold I had to get up and turn on the furnace. That was it, it took another fifteen minutes to get myself back to sleep.

Again. Once dosed off, I awoke to the sounds of our neighbourhood owl, hooting and hissing just outside my bedroom window. A quick fix is to turn on my flood lights, and leave them on for about twenty minutes. It rids my owl hooting problem, but then I am up to for that whole time.

Once the owl problem was done with, I somehow fell asleep again. And like before, it was short. Years ago, I was given one of those push buttons from a store outlet called Staples. They were giving away these buttons that you can press, and a voice says, “That was Easy.” Funny at the time, but somehow, I left it on the living room hutch, right underneath the flat screen TV that swings out. The TV sits at just the right height to clear the plastic push button. But when I was trying to sleep, moving around in my bed, the vibrations along the floor was just enough for the TV to move up and down, pressing the button. So during my sleep, rolling in my bed, I could the sounds of the button coming from my living room, “That was easy, that was easy, that was easy…, that was easy…” After ten minutes of that, I got up and threw the button on my couch, and tried to sleep again.

I think I got something like four hours of sleep.

The E Reader Dilemma

We have all forgotten something at one time or another, keys, hairbrush, lights, and the list goes on and on. When we realize, it often ends with one end of the spectrum as, “Oh well,” to the other end as, “Oh Noooooooooo,” and the worlds ends as we know it. My mishap occurred when I left for work, and forgetting my E Reader behind, still plugged in on my kitchen table. It was harsh, and I had to make a choice.

I always go to my work with a novel, or textbook, something that I like to read while I am on break or my lunch (half) hour. Reading for me does a number of things besides offer good entertainment: it kills time while leaving me in my own little world away from the bothers of my daily chores. I fire up my E Reader, put on my headphone, to cancel out the background noise, and read until my alarm goes off. I have been doing this for years. I love it. It is my thing.

Back on Monday, I forgotten my tablet (e reader) at home. I totally thought I had it with me. Usually, as a precaution, I do a small check list before I head out away from home, making sure that I have all of my gear and food for the day. All it takes is a small hick-up in my daily routine to disrupt this, and everything goes to Hell. It was the phone that did it for me that day. I was on it for less than fifteen seconds, but it was the urgency of it that threw me off from my routine and caused me to say, “Oh Noooooooo,” once I discovered my mistake.

My choice was either sit it out for the day, and hope for the best, or run to the nearest store and buy something to tie me over until the next day. I choose to sit it out, reading trashy magazines and daily news papers, drastically lowering my reading standard.  It was harsh; but I survived.

Now, to make sure that this does not happen again, I pack everything up the night before. E Reader, headphones, even my lunch, I pre-pack now (though that stays in the fridge until I pack that too). A lesson learned! I even bought some backup novels too for my locker at my work—just in case.

I’m Still Here, Just Fighting Time, and Those Damn Deadlines

For the record, I have not abandon the weblog. I am just super busy. Work, stuff around the house, and other issues on my private side, time all of a sudden is racing against me. So this post is just a filler post, just to let you all know that I am still here, but not able to sit down and compose my thought at the keyboard. I know the following nest two weeks are going to be lots of overtime and endless work, but I will try and cram a few posts in as I can.

Laughing at Technology: Working Like a Snail

I am sitting at the department desk, waiting for the network to connect and upload my freshly imputed data to the database, so that I can complete my task before I move onto the next. I wait, tapping my pen on the desk. Time ticks on by, yet the workstation’s monitor show very little progress as the little circular icon spins round and round. We call this the “Wheel of Death,” in that you will eventually die of old age waiting for the software to complete each task. Then suddenly the circular icon disappears, and you stare at the monitor, gripping the keyboard in anticipation, but you are still waiting. Then the circular icon reappears, and you feel like you have just been sucker punched, as all hope fades away. You wait…, again.

I swear, at least an hour a day is spent waiting for the network to connect at my work, or data is complied and saved. The time spent on this, when I could be working, whether on some menial task, or actually on working paper work, is in my mind, huge. And when the whole network goes down, we then go into “stack and pile” mode of incoming merchandise, knowing that later on, the mad frenzy of processing the paperwork will make a bad day even worse.

I feel so helpless. I am qualified to work on I.T. systems, but my hired duty at this job is for labour, not my skills and talents. I see the problems, yet I cannot fix them. Locally, I can do minor fixes, like reconfiguring the workstation, or making sure the twelve year old software and operating system is configured correctly. I also do the mandatory reboot once a day to clean up the digital imperfections due to the operating system’s poor engineering. But this if far from enough.

I bite my lip, hold my breath. There is no use saying anything. To cheer myself up, I can only see the advantage: I get paid to stand and watch the “wheel of death” at my work. I laugh at technology.

The Weekend Wrap Up

Sadly I have been too busy to sit down and do some serious typing on my weblog. I have so much to say, yet to little time to say it in, and now I fear I have a pattern developing. So, here is my “filler” post, to tie me over until I can sit down really write again. Work, of course, has been the number one reason for my lack of time for this website. And a close second has been the need of attention to my everyday life, like plumbing and paper work. So much, so little time to take care of them all.

Sheep in Fort langley BC July 3 2016 Weblog Image

Anyway, last night we had a really nasty storm blow over my place about 2:00am that started with a huge downpour that lasted for something like 30 minutes, then the lightening and thunder kicked in. The whole storm seem to have parked itself right over top of my place for nearly two hours. In that time, a near by tree was hit by lightening, shattering the top one third of it into pieces, and that lighting strike I though was going to blow the windows right off my walls when the thunder’s shock wave reached me. Yes, the power did go out, but only for a little while. I could not sleep while all of that was going on.

Work, well, what can I say. Just when I thought that the busy season was over, and we were going to slip into that nice time of year when business slows down and we can catch our breath again, another wave of customers blows in, this time buying our summer goods. It is like the spring season lever left. Sure, a damn good sign of a healthy economy in my line of work, but physically, I am wearing out. As a rule I do not like talking about work, especially here on my weblog, but is does consume nearly a half to a third of my daily life, so I cannot escape its effects on me. I am going to hold back and not type one more letter on the subject. Period.

More pressing issues: the up coming Canada Post strike/lockout that may start on Monday. I laughed when in the space of seven days I received all of my mail that I normally receive in a calendar month. I got my G.S.T. cheque on the fifth, when it was issued for the fifth of July. That was freaky. My Internet bill also arrived on the fifth, which usually does not get sent to me until after the fifteenth. And my 64MB USB thumb drive that I ordered on Evil Bay, seemed to have arrived way before I normally receive stuff from China. Does imposted stuff really arrive early, and the Post Office sits on them while in Canada just because? I also loaded my pre paid Visa that I use to pay online bills with too at the Post Office where I got my Visa Card from. I normally like to use my pre paid than a actual credit card—it seems to be safer that way I feel. I trust no one online when it comes to money transactions. Anyway, I am all loaded up with some money for bills as long as Canada Post does not do its labour dispute for anytime longer than a month. But I seem to be good for the next four weeks.

Plumbing. I am not a plumber, and I have a plumbing issue. My bath tub seems to be plugged. It started on Monday, when I noticed that the water seemed taking a little longer to drain out. But by Thursday, I was standing ankle deep in water after my daily shower. Now it is completely plugged. I tried using a plastic drain snake. That did not do anything. My next tool was a three metre metal snake, and that only did a little to unplug it. Tomorrow I am going to try a longer snake, one that has a more “pipe cleaner” attachment on it. Hopefully I can get that unplugged before Monday.

Awe yes, lots of paper work in the days to come for me. My battle with Revenue Canada still lingers. I have to also submit my MSP (Medical Health Care Tax) forms from my work’s insurance, which covers those monthly payments. Luckily I can do that online once I get my employee I.D. number. I hope they do not send that my Canada Post! Still waiting on that part.

Well, anyway, time to go and get on with my busy life. Until my next post, hopefully sooner than later.