A Cool and Cuddly Passed Weekend

So it is Wednesday, or “hump day,” as I sometimes call a typical Wednesday, and with it, the happiness knowing it is the halfway point in the workweek where we are moving towards the next weekend, a sense of hope that Friday is getting nearer. So, having said all that, what I wrote below, was written last Sunday, and rewritten Monday night, with proof reading and corrections done. So forgive me on my past tents, and wondering sense of time, in my use of grammar. This is, after all, my personal Weblog, so I get to make up the rules as I see fit, yet trying to conform to the standards that I was taught.

Friday night is somewhat a night to myself. I did my laundry, cleaned up a bit around the apartment, and prepared for tomorrow.  I have a couple of emails to send out, and some matters on Evil-Bay that are pending. Mostly, my online to-do list is small this week. It is the month-end, so I paid all of my Bills on-line (November 30), and made sure that my Bank statement balanced out with my records; it all works out, right down to the penny (though Canada no longer has pennies). I also bought a large size bar of chocolate–do not tell–it was my treat for a week well done. Somehow, chocolate has gripped my needs and wants in the food department. For the record, chocolate is not just a “Female” food, we Males get the cravings too. 🙂

Saturday was spent working on the PC, getting it’s software all up to date and fixing some of the on going bugs that have popped up in the last couple of days. Then I spent the rest of the morning reading some Court Documents that I want to study. These are rather touchy for most folks who live in and around the North Coast of British Columbia, so I will not include any details here on the Weblog. But, I did spent over six hours pouring over them, and I learned a lot. But having said that, I see even the Courts are a long ways from finishing this matter, as there are so many questions still yet to be answered. About high noon, Suz., called, and said she is on her way to pick me up, as we wanted to check out the weekend’s community craft events. The craft fair at the Kitsumkalum Centre was the best one, in my humble opinion, as it was packed and had more goodies to offer. In all, we had a great time. To end the night off, it was movie night at Suz.’s place. A fun and relaxing evening, even the Cats enjoyed curling up on my lap, playing chaperone on the couch, as we watched the show.

Sunday was spent with more morning reading, though not as deep as the morning before, but the rest of the Court Documents that I had with me, I finished. Later on, the plan was having dinner with Suz., and her parents, as we were celebrating her birthday. The dinner was awesome, and I was very full. We had Chinese at the Golden Star Restaurant, in down town Terrace. I have to plug this place because they are great, and me and Suz., go there often. Then I left for home early, so I could have a great start for Monday at my work. 

This was an abbreviated version of my weekend. So much more happened, of course, but this is all I need to write. I would also like to add that my car went five weeks before I needed to fill it up with fuel, and my heating bill was under seventy-five dollars (electric heat). Now I know we are getting ripped-off down in the Lower Mainland as far as bad Land Lords and local Governments goes. Shame on you! Just so glad I moved away from all that nonsense. But, you all have a great week, and as always, “stay out of trouble.”

A Birthday Wish, Warm and Comfy

These last couple of days have been awesome, as usual, I would not have it any other way. A celebration of a birthday of a super close friend, some better weather, and meeting old/new friends, to mention a few reasons why these days are awesome. But most importantly, it is the friends who made the difference. Whether far away, or close by, it is friends that may these days awesome, but the closer they are, the better the effect. But more on this later, I have to talk about my car that is now just over the two month old mark. It just amazes me at how fuel efficient it is, or it has a broken fuel gauge?

My 3D Birthday Card I made for the birthday girl.

The first couple of weeks that I owned my car, a 2014 Ford Focus, I drove it around a lot, and four weeks later, I made my first fill-up. It has been over five week since, on that tank of gas, and I am now only at the quarter tank mark. The fuel economy has blown even my expectations out the door. The car is still going, working great, and even with all the rain and snow, the car is wiping all bad expectations of owning a small car away. I thought owning a small, front wheel drive car would be disastrous living way up here in the frozen North, but this little Ford car has proven me wrong.

I celebrated a birthday this week with a very special friend. Actually, in my close circle of friends, this month, or this week, the calendar is doted with them. Just within my family, there are three for November, so it has been a busy time keeping in touch, wishing Happy Birthdays over the phone. But I only focused on one, I took her out for dinner, made her a custom birthday card, and talked her ear off–It was a great time. Perhaps over the weekend, we will continue the celebrations. But I must say, November is a busy month, and happy times too.

I also met some new/old friends. Let me clarify. I met people who are relatives of very old friends from my younger days when I lived here last. It was freaky connecting the dots, and making the connections. I also saw an old high school friend too, when checking out the weekend markets in town. I can say, the more we grow older, and people change, the more things stay the same once you blow the dust of the cover–using a book metaphor. I am sure I will meet more people like that as I spend more time here in Terrace, BC.

The next three days should be relaxing ones. I have nothing planed. Mostly work stuff to do, and my usual cleaning at home, but for the most part, I want to take it easy. It has been warming up too, as far as the weather goes, even the threat of some sunshine on Saturday, but that I must see it to believe it. I have exceeded my quota of chocolate and food, so my body needs a rest from that. Yeah, time to switch this computer off, and watch a movie.

So, it is Happy Valentine’s Day, Once Again!

Another February 14th is upon us, and once again I created a few graphics to mark the occasion with. It is also hard to believe that it has been one year since I first emailed a Valentine’s card off to a long forgotten friend who I am so glad to have finally met again. This Valentine’s graphic is really for her. 😉 But also, today marks a special family member’s birthday as well, so tonight I will on the phone for a little while wishing lots of birthday wishes, and catching up on the family gossip.

Heart Valentine Graphic 2015 Weblog Image

I wanted to blog more this month, but I had an amazing work week, so there was no time leftover for that but just work, sleep and a few hours leftover to maintain my home life. With the Stat. Holiday (B.C. Family Day) here in British Columbia last Monday, not only did I got paid for that, but also a full five days worth of hours on top of that, giving me some extra overtime pay. I just spent last night (this morning) working in the Receiving Department, which I really enjoyed, which made for an awesome end to a long week. It was a great week, but I had very little time to spare on my personal life.

It appears that the rest of February will be light as far as work goes, so I may have lots of time to blog, and create 3D graphics. Sadly work is still touch and go as far as hours goes. I am casting my net even wider, looking for something more permanent…, and with better pay compared to the job I have now.

Happy B-Day to my Sister JM

I tried to phone you today, but you didn’t pick up. I tried to email you, but you haven’t replied yet. So, I’m sending in out a blog post to you. So JM, Happy Birthday!

[EDITED] I had to rewrite this post to clear up some words that did not describe my thoughts in the right light. Having a bunch of sisters hunting me down is not good either. I may still add and subtract some passages below.

For those of you who do not know me that well, or have not met all of my family, I have a lot of sisters. I’m the only boy in the family–nothing but baby sisters. What does this mean for me?  As one friend of mine said–“it is no wonder that you are not gay with that much estrogen floating around you growing up.” JM is the middle sister of four with an older and younger sister on either side of her based on age and height.

FYI, I’m the shortest, and the youngest is 3 cm taller. The trend is, the older you are in the pecking order, the shorter you are as an adult. I attribute this to having parents who heavily smoked cigarettes throughout our lives growing up.

Perhaps being in the middle of the pack, herd, or whatever you want to call a littler of children, is the safest place to be. You’re not the eldest, so mom and dad didn’t have to practice parenting on you when you were first being raised. You are not at the other end of the time spectrum either as the baby, where you remain the baby for the rest of your life as “the baby” of the family, permanently stuck with that label. And having older and younger sisters too, along with an older brother is a huge benefit–you can hide amongst the crowd during the inquisitions.

From my vantage point I think you had it good. You have a baby sister to blame stuff onto. You were not the final dumping grounds for the hand-me-downs. Plus being the middle child you could get away from embarrassing and potentially aggravating situations, such as helping dad out as being one of his test subjects for when he plaid the banjo, or being a taster for one of mom’s cooking experiments.

Happy Birthday Mom, and Valentine’s Day

Yes, I know, this is a cheap way of doing it this year. But Mom, I have just being so busy to get out and send you off a proper birthday card. I know you sometimes feel that saying it public, like this, makes you uneasy, but at least this way I know will find it. So happy birthday Mom, and may this one be the best ever.

Also, today is Valentine’s Day, a day when you are supposed to give your “sweetheart” a gift of something that somehow conveys a romantic feeling to it. Because I have no “special” sweetheart in my life at the moment, I will dedicated part of this post to all those sweethearts who do not have that special someone in their life, and send out a blanket, virtual, Valentine’s day card to you all.

Maybe this will put a smile on someone’s face.  À bientôt!

[ADDED] I remember a long time ago when me and my father had a very deep discussion about the symbolism of the Valentine’s heart and the arrow through it, it left me wondering why we give cards to everyone when I was in grade school, and should it be a good idea if it is just a repetitious commercialised act we do today? He came up with some very interesting ideas of what could be alternative meanings to it, but when you start to add critical thinking to these ideas they start to loose their fun very quickly. Of course symbolism is the mainstay of why we use such things as cards and gifts on various days throughout the calendar like Valentine’s Day, but do we really know where they started from?

We know that the arrows come from the Greek myth Cupid, whose arrows strike those who have fallen in love. When the arrow hits you, you become transformed and fall love with whomever is near you, or the first person you see. I suspect that the kiss comes from this too, as the shape of the lips, in particular the top outer lip becuase it is shaped like a ancient bow from which you would draw an arrow from.

The heart shape we see today is where my Dad had came up with the weirdest part of this idea. We know that the human heart is not shaped like a Valentine’s heart, but rather like a potato or pear, and is not perfectly symmetrical like the drawings we see. Instead, what we draw today as the “heart” could very well be a symbolic representation of a woman’s buttock. Oh, it gets weirder yet: the arrow is like a pin, or mark that indicates that the buttock has being taken, or the sender wishes to take it. Tthe arrow could very well be a symbol of the penis, and putting it through the heart could be the romantic act in its purest form.

Although this conversation took place over twenty years ago, it still makes me wonder if it has any validity to it. I know that all societies have buried in their cultures dual meanings to their beliefs that we see today. All religions have their origins from older forms of cultural symbolisms that have evolved into what we see today. I never bothered to go out and research this, but perhaps I should? I would be interested in what other ideas there are that have laid claim to this symbol of love?

Things to Do On “V” Day

Valentines day is upon us. This is one of the most polluted days with deadlines on the calendar that I have. Not only is this the day in which we send our special someones’ flowers, candies and some romantic-juice written card in the shape of a hart, this is the day that My dear Mother celebrates her birthday. Also, this is the day that my annual pilgrimage to the auto insurance company is due and I give them a huge pile of money in exchange for the privilege of driving for another year. Today is the day of deadlines that marks the true end of winter for me, because I know that after today, it will become warmer out and the days will become longer. I may be flat broke from spending all this money, but every cent is worth it. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you MOM, yes police, I have a new decal on my license plate, and look, I see the trees starting to bud! *Another tacky post written by Thomasso*

Happy Birthday to Mom and the Flag

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Canadian Flag. It was 40 years ago today that we gave up the Red Ensign and changed the look of our country’s colours to the rest of the world. Also, it was my mother’s birthday yesterday, also on Valentines Day. So Happy Birthday Mom and happy birthday to the flag!

But I should point out here that February 14th, was the most important day out of the two. ___This way I get to keep my good standing with Mummy….*hint* *hint*___… So the last couple of days have being hectic. I made sure that the birthday card was off in the post…. “You must have it by now Mom.” It was the cutest one I could find. Searched high and low for the perfect card!

The Birthday card I got for my mother was a turtle, dressed as a rabbit, with little bunny ears and a fluffy tail with a present strapped to the top of the shell. I guess the idea was, better late than never? Well, I bought the card because it has a deeper meaning to it. My mother once had a T-shirt that read “Super Turtle” on it with a tiny turtle hanging from “E” in the world turtle. It was cute. I never forgot that shirt because she always wore it at home and it was her explanation when someone wanted something and she did not have enough time to do it or, she would encourage us to do it for ourselves.