Looking Back to Canada Day

Right now I am killing time becuase I am waiting for my Criminal Record’s check to complete, so I thought why not type something up real quick while I am waiting. Looking back in my photo archives (or Expansion Drive), I could not help but stop on my July 1, 2017, folder. There, inside that folder, sits 173 images that I snapped that day. There were several that are blog worthy, but with time and space, there is just not enough of them to go around. So this image stuck out for me.

It is not the best one out of the lot as far as photos go, but I remember how nice it was when we were out on the lake, laying back, watching the sail-boats sail by. So the photo invokes nice memories. It was an awesome day, even with the clouds, it was just right, and the temperature was perfect.

Here, I was shooting with 300mm telephoto lens, looking West ward, while we were on Furlong Beach, on Lakesle Lake. Surprisingly, the beach was not full.

My Back Yard – Welcome to Thornhill, BC

My back yard. My location is right next to Terrace, BC, but not officially right inside the city. Thornhill, is actually unincorporated under the Regional District of  Kitimat-Stikine, and has a population of about 4,500 people according Wikipeda. I live by the main highway, HWY 16, and I am very close to Terrace, BC, the near by city. My commute into the city (town) is about seven minutes.

A few block from me is the Skeena River, the main rive that flows through Thornhill and Terrace, on the East side. The funny thing about this sign is, about three months ago, there used to be a “Welcome to Terrace” sign right in the same spot. The head guy, from the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine that this area is part of his jurisdiction, not the City of Terrace. So the sign was taken down, and this was put in it’s place. I have photos of both.

I was about two kilometres from my place when I took these three photos above. The Skeena River is a little high, but well from flooding. Sadly, there is a fishing ban for the whole river due to low fish stocks. I am not sure why, but this seems like the very first year that all fishing has been cancelled.

The above photo is the Fishermen Memorial Park. right where the Kitisumkalum River flows into the Skeena River on the West side of Terrace. I was standing on the First Nation Reserve is of the river. Normally this place is teaming with boaters and fishers, but not this year due to the fishing closures. I only found a couple of boaters near the boat launch.

The Heart Farm – On The Kitsumkalum

Our Next stop was a special place called “The Heart Farm,” a few kilometres from Redsand Lake. The campsite sits on the Kitsumkalum Lake, and road was even worse. We used to go to this place as kids during school outings, I remember the road being a lot better then. The last time I was at this place was way back when I was Grade Six! Yup, that was a long time ago. The place has changed a lot since I was last here. The buildings and caretaker at gone, and the wide open spaces are gone from all the trees and bushed growing in. But the place is still a camp site. I was surprised to see some RV camping there. There a few tents too, but the place was far from full for the long weekend.

I am not sure if this is still a private came site, or a pubic one, but we had no troubles getting in. I saw no gate.

The beach was a little disappointing when comparing it to Redsand. The sand was the same, yes there were holes and fire wood mixed in with the sand. I guess people have camped right up to the beach. But the water itself was beautiful!

The view of the mountains from the park was nothing short of awesome. I used my 28-300mm lens on these shots with my Sony A77. The sun did follow us, as the clouds seem to break off, but there were showers very close by.

But the day was not over be stretch!

Redsand Lake

It was quite the drive, albeit less that thirty kilometres from out of town, the road was nothing to be desired, and we made it in under an hour. The last time I was here was back in 1983, and a very brief appearance in 1994, so I was a young Thomasso when I last ventured this place. The beauty never wore off. And to top it all off: We were the only ones there!

OK, the road was hell. The worse part was just before reaching the turn-off to go into the park. Once you get through that, it was clear sailing. One note though, the GPS we had showed nothing–no roads, no turn off, but at least showed where the lake was. So it was kind of funny watching this car floating on this sea of green on the monitor.

For a long weekend, it was not busy here. We were the only ones. Hard to believe. We walked up the beach, only to be greeted by a few birds and the splashing waves on the red sand from which the place got it name. The sand is really red here–really.

The sand felt good under my feet. It was not too powdery or fine, and did not have pebbles, or pieces of wood mixed in with it. In fact, I would argue, it was almost perfect sand. It sure felt nice when the sun hit it. The weather was “iffy” though, sixty percent chance of rain, but our time at the beach the Sun poked through the clouds making for an awesome time there.

Happy Canada Day!

The Canada 150 flags are everywhere, and almost everyone is wearing red, with the Canada 150 logo on it. I am not wearing red, but I am walking around with my camera on one side and my girl friend on the other. It is quite the festive atmosphere. I my highlight will the fireworks. I am hoping to catch those. The draw back is, being so far North, it does not really get dark here at night.

It seems the action is in Kitimat, BC, about a half hour drive South from Terrace, BC. They will have fireworks and street parties. I am sure not what all Terrace will do for events, but we had a look. Rain is the threat today, so travel will be limited becuase of that. But it is warm out.

Repost: 10:00pm

So, we started the day in Terrace, then drove over to Kitimat, BC were the real festivities were being held. Sadly there was not much happening in Terrace. We missed the pancake breakfast, and the first half the events at the Heritage Park, so we just spent the first part the day at the down town park checking out the Farmer’s Market and some performers. We then decided to head off to Kitimat, about 30-40 kilometres South of Terrace.

Below is one of the performers in Terrace, BC who was singing at the George Little Park by where the Farmer’s Market was being held.

Then it was off to Kitimat, BC to take part in the Canada Day festivities there.

When we got there, we just made it to the singing of the national anthem, “Oh Canada.” It was sung by a local young woman who sang it pretty good. Plus, there was a good size crowd there too.

Then it was off to the Douglas Channel, were we saw lots of stuff in the harbour. It was nice to smell the saltwater. But these people on the huge tree root just killed me from laughing. I thought, “what a great a shot!” You judge for yourself?

I took the above photo with my 300mm lens, but by the time a got around to get a better shot, they were all gone from the giant tree root. Yes, it was super low tide, normally this is under water. Reo Tinto is just on the other side of the bay.

We stopped off at Lakesle Lake, and there we found the break in sky where the Sun shone threw. So naturally, since we were by Water Lilly Bay, I got a great shot of some Water Lillies at Furlong Bay.

And that concludes the day’s event for me. I had dinner at my girlfriend’s place, and then off to home, where is was nearly 9:00pm when I got in. Phew, it was a long day, but it was fun.

Happy Victoria Day! What a Summer Like Day!

When I woke up this morning, I headed into to town to see how full it was of people. Turned out, it was packed by the time got there. So I decided that going back to see the MayDay Parade was out of the question. Sadly, Fort Langley has become a nightmare for parking, so I opted to stay at home instead. Once at home, I focused on cleaning and getting ready for the new week. I did sat on my patio for a while, reading, then taking my camera out to capture these silky ribbon looking clouds, which had moving waves that made them ripple in real time. Then back to more cleaning. 

My road was quiet today. Only a couple of cars travelled up, then back, along the dead street. It was what laid beyond that made me stay at home. When I was going down River Road, or 88 Avenue, there were about fifty cyclists, all done up in racing spandex. And beyond that, was Fort Langley parade. So, for my evening drive, I headed in the opposite direction–Abbotsford. Even that drive was full of people parked at every park and stop along the road. So I only stopped for a few photos, then off I went back home.

I feel rested, but could use some more time off. Tomorrow I go back to work, into the pit. I can only imagine how hot it will be in there tomorrow. Not to mention how grumpy some of my co-workers get when it is too hot inside. Because of security, all doors must be shut, and fresh air is hard to come by while on the floor. Do I look forward to that—not!

Well, at least the good weather will not outnumber the bad days. I hope this year, summer is awesome–but not too hot.

Happy Victori Day!

Bring it!

Oh ya, it’s hot outside. I think Mother nature has set the Sun to “Broil” (praise nature). It feels great…, no, it feels awesome! I think I have completely unthawed from winter now. I have a fan blowing out hot air by my front door, all my windows are opened, and my sky vent it set to “maximum suck,” blowing the hot air out from the roof. It seems to be striking that right balance of cool to warm air inside. I think we are in summer mode now!

I forgot that I left some candles in their holders from the last power outage we had back in mid-April. I noticed something odd when I looked on my counter. Something wast not right. Then it hit me–all of my candles were drooping down to the table. I looked at my “inside thermometer,” and it said, thirty-seven Celsius. It was a bit warm inside when I got back from my short drive out in the country this morning.

So, the long weekend is half done now. So far, each evening, I head of for a short drive, catching the scenery lit by the setting Sun. So beautiful. I headed down to “Two Bit Bar” in Glen Valley, along the Fraser River today. The river was high, and there was no one around–very peaceful for a walk in the park. Below is what I think is the perfect image that captures my general feeling so far this year. Yeah, I know, the chain and the post, so symbolic with so many metaphors. But look at the green, with the setting sunlight, and the shadows cast by the chain–there is my story.

With only a few hours of light left, and still cooling down my home, I think I will spend the rest of the day out on my patio looking at the trees, the sky and maybe finish off my current book I am reading. Happy Victoria Day, from Glen Valley, British Columbia!

The Unofficial Start of Summer – Here at Last!

As far as I am concerned, summer has started! The weather is awesome, it is a long weekend, and I am feeling good. I think with the sunshine outside, that is what is making me feel good. But it is here: the long weekend. I slept like a log last night. I did not get up until noon, although that is when I normally wake up anyway for my day job, but it still feels like I slept in. So many plans, will I have the energy to do them?

I ran outside when the Sun was fall over the horizon, to take this photo. You could say I was going for the golden hour, which creates the best light for photography in. When I saw the sunlight through the tall leaves beside my patio, I went into camera mode. It reminds of the jungle. I like this shot, as it caught my eye when I went outside. These plants shot up in the last week, and eventually they will turn into these awesome red and yellow dragon flowers, which I have shot before and posted on the weblog. They bloom around August and September.

Later on tonight I want to take a drive, and perhaps do some night sky photography, if the clouds are not to bad.

I had more cows last night on my way to work. I call it a Cow-Jam, when the damn animals crowd the road, and refuse to leave, no matter how many times you honk the horn at them. I actually had to get out and push one of them from the middle of the road so I could get by. I know, farm country in all, but sheesh, they do not belong on the road, stopping traffic. I usually give myself lots of time when I go to work. I have two sets of railway tracks, and a hundred intersections with traffic lights to cross, so it can take anywhere from twenty to forty minutes during my commute. I never factored in cows, nor a Cow-Jam, into my commute!

Anyway, it is the long weekend. Tonight, I have a cup coffee going, and a movie to watch in a bit, then off to sleep. Tomorrow, we will see. I have no plans tomorrow, but my end up cleaning. I have lots to clean, and sort out. The never ending battle with clutter.

New Year. Do I Need My Emergency Kit?

Looking back, most of the day was spent without Internet, Cable, Phone and access to my street as five cars that could not make it up the hill, huddled in front of my driveway. It was not the snow, but drivers that made my day a stay-at-home one. The power lines were lined with trees that were leaning up against them from the weight of the snow. Last night’s snow fall was nearly 14cm according to my measurements on my patio. Up until 10:00pm, I was so grateful that the power held, although at multiple times my lights dimmed and flickered wildly for several minutes, until it finally switched off for four hours. However, my Internet was connecting for a few hours at a time, I did have partial contact with the world.

The highlight of the day was listening to the trees bend and break through the early morning. When I walking outside, I was awestruck at the sight I saw: winter. The night before, I took some night shots of the forest, and saw huge green flashes of light, as trees were touching the power lines. But even during the daylight hours, I saw one flash that almost made me jump out of my clothes. Then it struck me: we are not done yet with this weather.

It seems that most weather forecasters get it wrong for my area. When they say I should see 5C, I often get ether something higher, or a lot lower. So when the Snow Warnings were issued, and temps were forecasted, my area was deemed minimal, more inline with the City of Vancouver. Even Abbotsford, the city to my East, was given higher values than what I received, so I had a misguided sense of security with my environment. So I got more snow, and it was far colder then what I thought we would get. Sure, I dealt with it, but under protest.

Tomorrow, the forecast says were are going to have clear skies, but with wind. WIND! Oh, great, there goes the power for sure. Trees bent over from snow, and temperatures well before freezing, now being mixed with wind; all for a recipe for power outages, bad roads, and a long night sleep. I am thinking I should have my Emergency Kit handy–better safe than sorry.