Rainbow Over Terrace

Best way to end the day off with, a rainbow, as we left the restaurant after an awesome meal at Sondadas Steakhouse. We were just ready to hit the road to go home when we were greeted with this (see photo), a rainbow, as the Sun blasted through the clouds from the West. It was awesome. I grabbed my camera and took some shots as the clouds moved back in, hiding the Sun. The weather reports (Suz., Cell Phone Weather App.) did say we were going to get some crazy storms over the weekend–and sunshine was welcomed.

We drove to the Old Skeena River Bridge to see if I could get some shots of the rainbow over the the bridge, but the light was fading fast. Later on, it just poured buckets, as the storm kept getting worse. This shot was just leaving the restaurant, looking East. Anyway, I just thought I would add this in the Blog.

Hazelton: Old, New and South

Our last stop on our trip on Highway 16 was all three Hazeltons. Hazelton is divided up into three main areas, the old part, which is the old pioneering area where the riverboats and paddle ship stopped at; then the part of town where it lays near the highway; then what seems to be the newer part, which there are some saw mills and vehicle shops. Any way, we went to all three areas.

This shot was at the main area, right by the Skeena River, where the paddle wheel ships would stop. This is where you can see the old style building and some museums and shops. If I remember correctly, in this shot, to right, use to be the old Inlander Hotel. What a view of the mountain, he?

The above shot is the suspension bridge over the Bulkley River, before it meets the Sheena River. Take note of how high that is in this photograph–a long ways down.

Looking down was a lot more scary than walking across it. It was hard to say, but I think it was nearly a fifty metre drop to the river–I did not take a photo of the sign. But, it was a long ways down, and not a place if you have acrophobia! And to top it all off, you were walking on a metal mesh/screen surface you easily see below to the ground. We just had to walk across it!


Next on our trip was Kitwanga, where Highway 16 turns off onto Highway 37 to Stewart, BC and then onto Alaska. I should also point out that we were just further North of latitude than the southern tip of Alaska itself. We drove a little further down the highway, going North, but we turned around after a few kilometres. But the first place we stopped at was the Anglican Church. This was weird seeing the “bell tower” standing beside the church.

Then a little ways down the road we stopped to the Totem Poles. We did not stay to long, but had one more stop before we continued Eastward.

We headed for the junction of Highway 16 and 37. The place has not changed a bit over the twenty to thirty years.

Next time, I do not know when, we might head up to Stewart, BC, and maybe onto Hyder, Alaska.

Seven Sisters Mountains

On our holiday Monday, we headed over to Cedarvale, BC, about an thirty to forty minute drive on Highway 16 going East, to see the Seven Sisters. You need to be far back to see them all, as they are a large and very high row of mountains, this spot on the highway is the perfect place to see them. Actually, this is the only spot to see them from the highway. Just seeing how much snow is on them gives you an idea of their size and how high they are. They are very pretty to look at, but even better through a telephoto lens.

While we were there taking photos, so were two bus loads of tourists. It was the perfect day for shoot the mountains–not a cloud in the sky, and got awesome shots. I shot about thirty images while we were there–a ten minute stay. 

While you are there, you can buy veggies at the veggie stand. I am not sure what the prices are like, but the carrots looked big and there were lots of them,. There were lots of other veggies as well. I even seen someone with the loaf of bread, walking out of the stand. 

Funny – I always thought that the Seven Sisters Mountains were over at Hazelton, BC, a little further down the highway, about another thirty minutes. I was promptly corrected by Suz. So all these years…

I had to shoot these with my Sony A33 camera because when I cleaned the sensor on my A77, I got more dirt on it than I had on there begin with. I hate the little dot on my photos. So switched to my smaller camera option to shoot with: the A33. They say the best camera to shoot with is the one you have with you. Yeah right. More like, “you shoot with what you got…”

It was about 1:00pm in the afternoon, we moved on,  we have the rest of the day to explore with.

The Exstew Falls

Finally me and Suz., both went to the Exstew Falls, although it was more “muddier” than when we first made the attempted, and when I was last up there, we had our workout in the mud. It was muddy. And yes, we both had some spills in the mud when we took the high trail right up to the bottom of the falls. The grassy trail was very slippery, so we had to take our time hiking it, but we both slipped, it did not matter after that, we were down right dirty. I had mud on both knees, and I had muddy water up my arms. The camera was not harmed. LOL

Going in the mud was worth it to get these shots. With the rain from the last month meant there was a lot more water this time of year, and it really made the water fall better. The mist was thick, and the water was pure, but the water fall was a great sight to see.

The Exstew Falls are really not from the Exstew River, but in fact the falls flows into the river. According to Suz., the falls come from glaciers in the above mountain, not just runnoff. The falls are located about nine kilometres from Highway 16 just East of Terrace, British Columbia. The drive from Terrace is about ten minuets, and another twenty minuets from the highway. It is a little tricky to find, there are road markers, but generally it is the third fork on the road (you keep right), but the third fork, turn left. Really check with Google Maps for directions.

I was looking at the bottom of the water fall, and thinking that this would be a great place for a summer dip when it gets really warm out. The pool here is really shallow, and very cool. The mist from the falls would be a great to cool off in. I would love to a photo shoot with some models here. 

Well, it is time go. Covered in mud, and a little soaked from the mist, it was time trek back down the trail. I can feel my legs from the hike up, and I know I will feel this tomorrow. To listen to the thunder of the falls was the high point of the day!

Also, I am caught up with my posts now that I have my main PC back on-line. This is my first posts in nearly a month that I am posting the same say as I time-stamp the post. It feels good–more honest. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos of the falls. Oh, and happy Labour Day Weekend!

Uploaded The Riverboat Parade Photos!

Check out my parade photos from the Riverboat Days Parade, back on August 5, 2017, from down town Terrace, British Columbia. Enjoy!

Just hold you mouse over the images, and you should see the navigation bar. There are 165 images in this set.

Update: I just created a page, over to the right, that has better viewing options. The link is called, “North Coast Terrace, British Columbia”

Kleanza Creek Sun Worshipers

So where do you go when the lake is filled, and the river has little options to goto when it is 34C, and you want to cool down by the water? In Terrace, British Columbia that is simple, you go to Kleansa Creek park for your relaxation in the water to beat the heat, when everywhere else is pack with people. It is like the “little secret” that everyone knows, but few venture. It had been nearly two months since me and my girlfriend came to the park, but today, we figured that this would be the logical place to go to since we knew the lake was packed.

When we first arrived at the park, we were greeted with stones piled on top of each in these little statues, kid of like what we seen before at other parks near by, but these ones were bigger. I counted about fifteen of these rock-piles along the creek. Some looked like they took a couple people to lift and carry to pile them. They were fun to photograph.

To my surprise were the number of Sun Worshipers at the falls. Not so many in the creek, but most of the gathering was at the rapids themselves.

When we got closer, we could tell that the best spots were taken. To tell you the truth, I still had not unpack my shorts and bathing suite from when I moved into town, so I was unprepared to go swimming anyway. Everywhere you looked, people were gathered in every nook-and-cranny of the rocks, but everyone looked like they were having fun in the cool waters of Kleanza no matter where they were. So we ventured up the trail, to the top part of the cliffs to have anther look, and get away from the crowds.

When we made it to the top of the trail, we could people far and wide along the falls, basking in the Sun. The best part for us was that the hike along the trail was cool too–it was hard leaving. So if you are not a lake person, or hate lots of people, and want to cool off by the water, head out to Kleanza!

The Rubber Duck Race!

It was a beautiful holiday Monday morning, and not a cloud in the sky, accept for the smog from the forest fire smoke, a perfect day for a rubber duck race. Me and my girlfriend drove over to the Skeena River, on the Terrace side, and made out way to the East side of the river’s bank. Even before we got there, people were gathering along the New Bridge to get a view of the race, but I wanted a more closer look at the race, so we ascended closer to the water to get our spot. The rocks were a little steep under the bridge, but we made it without too much troubles, and it was a short trek.

To North we could hear the helicopter readying itself for the start of the race. It was parked over by the baseball field just in town, more or less across from the Northern tip of Ferry Island. Within minutes it was up and away, with its load of cargo. I could hear the people on the bridge cheering as the rubber ducks were being lifted over top of the river.

An just as quick as snap, the rubber ducks were released, and the helicopter flew away. The race was on! …and we waited.

Finally, as the current moved them down river, they came. For the most part, they kept bunched together. With the help of the morning breeze, some of them start to separate from the main pack. At this point we were getting ready to move to the finish line to see the winner.

And there we have it, a winner. We have no idea whose duck won, but the organizers had it. People cheered, and the duck recovery boats ran and scooped up the rubber racers. Apparently, top prize was twenty thousand dollars cash, so people were really exited about that. And you have good odd of winning a prizes too. It was a lot of fun, and the weather was awesome for the race. It was a good way to start the day with.

Like all races, you have stragglers. Long after the winner we announced, you have the odd guy still floating down the river, dead last. One lady, who standing along side up at the shore said, “that is probably my duck, with my luck.” We laughed, and then we watched the last of the ducks being scooped up before we left back into town.

Smokey Skies During Riverboat Days

It was apparent that the forest fire smoke from the Southern Interior of the Province had spread further Northward into the Skeena Valley. Visibility was cut down to about four to five kilometers, and it seems to be getting worse. It started just a day ago, but already Environment Canada has issue warning on their website. The funny thing about this is, I thought we might have escape the smoke due to the weather systems from off the Pacific Ocean, but with the 30C plus weather we are getting, this is not the case.

On the bright side, this will lower the temperatures during the day by a few degrees. Sadly, it will dull the summer day with smog.

My girlfriend said she is feeling the effects of the smog on her breathing. I can feel it too. Obviously this will end when the rain arrives–rumour has it next weekend when parts of a Pacific hurricane will hit us. Cannot wait for that!

A Little Volleyball Action at Mr Mikes

Now I know why they dumped all that sand over in the parking lot of the Mr. Mike’s restaurant: for the volleyball tournament. So we got up a later than normal from such a late night, and made our way back into town. We checked out the park, which was busy with people and vendors, plus there was live music going to. We then decided to check out the volley ball before we headed off to the ice rink to see the floor hockey games. I think the volleyball had already started long before we got there. The girls were playing, so stayed a few minutes for that, then left. Meanwhile I was nursing a broken camera, so I had to switch to my back-up camera which was a little slower, and not good for sports photography.

These two teams just started playing when we got there. Now I see where all that sand went. With the heat, and sand, they played hard and the game got quite exciting at times. The three on three teams really knew how to play.

Regrettably, my slower camera could not keep up to ball, and about a third of my shots were slightly out of focus. I could not use my 300mm lens, so I had to make with my 28 to 55mm lens, but without the super focusing that A77 camera had, but the little A33 kept up at least.

I think at this point in the day, it was already over 30C outside, and we decided to go where it was cooler. When we drove back later on in the evening, they were still playing out on the sand court. I think I was same girls out there too?