New Year. Do I Need My Emergency Kit?

Looking back, most of the day was spent without Internet, Cable, Phone and access to my street as five cars that could not make it up the hill, huddled in front of my driveway. It was not the snow, but drivers that made my day a stay-at-home one. The power lines were lined with trees that were leaning up against them from the weight of the snow. Last night’s snow fall was nearly 14cm according to my measurements on my patio. Up until 10:00pm, I was so grateful that the power held, although at multiple times my lights dimmed and flickered wildly for several minutes, until it finally switched off for four hours. However, my Internet was connecting for a few hours at a time, I did have partial contact with the world.

The highlight of the day was listening to the trees bend and break through the early morning. When I walking outside, I was awestruck at the sight I saw: winter. The night before, I took some night shots of the forest, and saw huge green flashes of light, as trees were touching the power lines. But even during the daylight hours, I saw one flash that almost made me jump out of my clothes. Then it struck me: we are not done yet with this weather.

It seems that most weather forecasters get it wrong for my area. When they say I should see 5C, I often get ether something higher, or a lot lower. So when the Snow Warnings were issued, and temps were forecasted, my area was deemed minimal, more inline with the City of Vancouver. Even Abbotsford, the city to my East, was given higher values than what I received, so I had a misguided sense of security with my environment. So I got more snow, and it was far colder then what I thought we would get. Sure, I dealt with it, but under protest.

Tomorrow, the forecast says were are going to have clear skies, but with wind. WIND! Oh, great, there goes the power for sure. Trees bent over from snow, and temperatures well before freezing, now being mixed with wind; all for a recipe for power outages, bad roads, and a long night sleep. I am thinking I should have my Emergency Kit handy–better safe than sorry.

The Rush, the Rude and the Screwed

As promised from one of my earlier posts this month, I compiled a list of moments when acts of rudeness (only becuase these surpassed acts of kindness), and not surprising, most were motor vehicle related. With the Holidays, everyone here in the Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver were out rushing about to get shopping done, preparing themselves for those lavish family dinners, and stocking up on general stuff. The big box stores were packed, and most Malls too, as people crammed the last minute shopping for gifts. But then there are screwed, like myself who was stuck in bed with a bad flu, which seemed to make the whole thing mute as I had no enjoyment for the next three days.

Acts of rudeness. By far, and way ahead of the rest, the number one spot on my list of rudeness happened back on December 15, when a woman, in her 30’s tried to hold a Handy Cap parking stall for here husband, while a legitimate Handy Cap driver was trying to park in it. In the Walmart parking lot, front parking stalls are always sought after, simply becuase you do not have to walk far to the store. I brushed up on my Handy Cap permits in British Columbia knowledge a while back, and have learned how to tell the difference between the fake ones. The fellow who was trying park had a legitimate permit. However, the woman refused to surrender the stall. Even I told her that she cannot hold a parking stall like this, “it is first come first serve.” She ignored me, and the rest of the passer bys as well. Finally, when I saw what her husband was driving, a rather large black SUV, he had no Handy Cap permit! His truck was to big to properly fit in the parking stall anyway. Maybe this was poetic justice?

The rest of my list is just small stuff; I will type not out a comprehensive list here. There is just no point to do that. I will just point out the highlights. Drivers driving to fast, or trying to cut in front of other cars to “get there first.” Leaving garbage in front of your driveway, or as in one case with a friend, in the back of his pick-up. Stopping in the middle of an aisle in a busy shopping store to talk on your cell phone, while others are also trying to shop down that same aisle. How rude. Coughing straight into the air, or into a crowed of people in a public place, with out covering your mouth. Leaving your shopping buggy right in the middle of the parking stall becuase your are to lazy to return it back to the special shopping cart drop-off centre. The list goes on and on, but I will stop here.

Then there is me, the Screwed. I caught it on Friday. When  I got home from work. It had progressed into the full-blown symptoms of a flu. I already felt like I wanted dive right into bed when I walked in the door. So far, this is on nasty little bug. I have a full chest infection, and my whole body is going through the chill, and fever cycles every couple of hours. The worst; the coughing. I cannot sleep becuase it. I think next week will be hell if I cannot rid myself of this.

Remembrance Day

I stayed home for the day, due to my injury. But I did watch the ceremony on the CBC News Channel of the national Remembrance Day from Ottawa. Although grateful that today was a holiday, and a day away from work, I did not do much becuase of my arm. In fact, I am typing this post way after November the Eleventh becuase at the time I could not type, even if I wanted to. Healing was more on my mind at the time.

Happy Scary Halloween!

Yes, it has finally come to be–Halloween 2016 is here at last! Sadly on a Monday, but oh well, what is a day anyway–right. Work, fireworks and trick and treaters should all be interesting this year.


Who at my work will dress-up as what? Will there be lots fireworks this year, unlike last. And will little monsters and clowns be soliciting my neighbourhood, begging for candy? Oh what is in store tonight–the best night of the year–hummm?

Be safe this year. Wear costumes that can be seen at night while drivers deliver the little candy beggars door to door. Watch what you eat–candy goes right to your thighs and hips you know. Clowns, it is a sad time for them–be nice to them, you never know if you will be IT!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Thanks Giving – Some Photos to Share

I am just enjoying the long weekend, resting, relaxing as much as I can today, spending most of it at home, which goes hand in hand with not being at work while still getting paid for it. I slept in, as planned, and then took my tine getting up to face the day. Once up, and rejoicing that the curbside garbage got picked up too, I went for a walk after collecting my garbage can down my street, taking along my camera bag. This is what today looked like through my lens on this holiday Thanks Giving.


The above image are the Rose Hip bushes that grow along the side of the road by my home. Everywhere you go you will run into these plants, though I would not eat these becuase you have to walk through a swamp to get to them.


This is a good shot of the sky, or the type of day we had for weather. This Poplar Tree seemed like its leaves just turned yellow over night. I could have sworn that this tree was all green yesterday.


My favourite shot of the bunch, the Red Alder Leaves. I would call this the “Fall Shot” that best describes the season today. I just love the colours.


And just to balance out the colours on this web page, I have included these Pink Flower, which I think are Lady Slippers, though not too sure. The Bees sure love them. Sorry, no Bee shots.

Well, there you have it. All in a very short walk within just a kilometre from my driveway. After I post this, I will spend the rest of the day at home, enjoying the time off from work. So, Happy Thanks Giving!

The BC Day Holiday

Oh yes, it is Long weekend time. Just enjoying the time off, sitting at home, in the heat, on a Monday. It is so nice out. We need more long weekends like this, with mandatory Mondays off. Aught to be a law, eh? Well, needless to say, I deserve having today off. I know I am going to pay for it at my work for the rest of week as they like to cram five days into four, but for now, I am not even going to thing about that. Yes, the official patio thermometer is saying, 28C out. Sweet!

HAPPY BC DAY in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

Photographing the Flowers

Today, while the weather was holding, I took the camera out and did some shooting in the back yard. The Sun is shining, and I know the weather will turn for the rest of the week, so I felt the need to blow the dust off of the camera gear and snap a few shots outside. These are just the highlights. In all, I took some fifty shots from the garden to the path along my back yard.

Flowers July 3 2016 Fort Langley - Weblog Image 01

The above image, I did not have to get far for this shot. These bad boys are just off the edge from my deck. The humming birds just love these flowers. Currently these are the only red ones I have since the roses lost their flowers over a couple of weeks ago.

Flowers July 3 2016 Fort Langley - Weblog Image 02

And just to balance the colour scheme out, here are some blue ones, though these are across my yard on the other side of lower field.

Flowers July 3 2016 Fort Langley - Weblog Image 03

Lastly, and by no means all of the flowers I shot today, are these lovely orange flowers. There is a large flower bad of these by the lower field at the end of my driveway. I am so happy that my landlord did not put the new fence past these flowers. I should have hundreds of them in the nest few weeks.

Perhaps later on in the week I will post more photos. For now, my long weekend comes to an end, and work comes early.

Happy Canada Day 2016!

First, Happy Canada Day! If I remember correctly, Canada is now officially 149 years old now. I will have to double check that once my P.C. has finished upgrading. Other than getting the day off from work, it is a national holiday, I decided not to go anywhere. So Second, I am getting some stuff done around here at home that I have been putting off. You know, procrastination. Yup, that is me. I would say, I really needed today off from work.

CANADA DAY 2016 Weblog Image

So, for Canada Day, I decided to do a little art graphic for this post. Nothing to over the top, yet classy: rather than just copying some web graphic, or me creating a cheesy image like I have done in past years. The above image is an image that I found on line, then used Blender 3D to turn the image into a flag; then rendering it as an animation. Once done, I threw some text over top using InkScape Vector Software, then scaled it, and water marked it, using GIMP.

I am also doing the major upgrade on my main PC today. After nearly 20 hours of backing up my drives, I am finally ready to wipe Ubuntu and switch over to Linux Mint. I am doing this mostly becuase of the change, but also, Ubuntu was getting too buggy for me with my current hard ware set-up. So hopefully, in about four more hours, I will reporting back on a freshly installed PC.

Happy Canada Day – 2o16!

Added: Success! Everything went without a hitch–fully upgraded to Linux Mint version 18. I have to admit, so far the O.S. is very snappy and quick. OK, going out to enjoy the fireworks!

Terrace BC Vacation Part 11: Saying Goodbye and the Ferry Island Trail

Like all good things, they must come to an end, just like they started, but leaving is much much harder to do. So much planning, time and energy went into getting this vacation off the ground, from an idea, to stepping off the plane, it seems like it was just too short of a time in the end. Saying goodbye was as bitter as it was sweet, but this was by no means the end, but the beginning, as I will leave knowing that I will be back again in the near future! Before I left to go back to the Lower Mainland, we spent the morning hiking the Ferry Island Trail on the Skeena River just outside of Terrace. One stand-out feature of the trails are the faces carved into the bark of random trees along the paths. Also, the weather was finally turning, as the Skeena Valley needed the rain badly. So ended my vacation, with a long hug, then boarding the aircraft before I flew off into the Southern sky back home.

Terrace BC - Ferry Island Hiking Trail - May 24 2016 Weblog Image - 05

The above image is a flower along the Ferry Island Trail.

It was a great idea to walk the Ferry Island Trial as the big adventure of my stay up in Terrace. The mid morning light was good, and I had my camera with me, as always. Since the last time was walked the trail, a local carver has carved more faces into the bark of some trees along the it. I would even day, as you walk the trail, many eyes now watch you. Kind of creepy when you think of it, but some of the carving look very good. But it is not just faces; some are of little storybook houses, and a few owls too. There are so many that the challenge was to see as many as you could, hoping that you did not miss any. I took well of forty shots of faces alone, so there could be more, but who knows, there was know way of knowing how many there are.

Terrace BC - Ferry Island Hiking Trail - May 24 2016 Weblog Image - 04

The above image, I think the carver likes the story “Game of Thrones.” But some of the face carved into the trees were just down right creepy and funny.

Terrace BC - Ferry Island Hiking Trail - May 24 2016 Weblog Image - 03

The above image reminds me of an employer I once had many years ago. The image below is your typical back woods Northern Red-Neck, equipped with shotgun and hunting cap.

Terrace BC - Ferry Island Hiking Trail - May 24 2016 Weblog Image - 02

Some of the carvings are small, and easy to miss if you are not paying attention.

Terrace BC - Ferry Island Hiking Trail - May 24 2016 Weblog Image - 00

Below, a twisted house. I wonder if this carver looks at a tree, and starts carving without knowing what he wants to carve, or does he set out with an image already in his mind of what he wants to carve?

Terrace BC - Ferry Island Hiking Trail - May 24 2016 Weblog Image - 01

Well, this is it, the end of the vacation – time to go home. I had a wonderful time here. In all, I captured roughly 900 photographs, and we drove hundreds of kilometres seeing some of the most wonderful sights the Pacific North West has to offer.  I will end this series of Posts saying, “I’ll be back”!