The announcement was made January 27, 2004.

The Vancouver Sun, a daily news paper from British Columbia, Canada is now offering it’s on line electronic subscription free until mid April 2004. For now, you get to view the paper, as it is, just as it is printed with the aid of some added plug-ins on your browser.


I finely got that darn photo page up and running. It took a while because the software I was using before was so outdated and cumbersome that I finely gave up on it. Now I use “gThumb Image Viewer” by Gnome [LINUX!!!!!], offered through LINUX RedHat-9, the processes has now being a pleasure rather than a chore. The results are very nice and a huge time savings.

Today is the unofficial day for the weBlog. The unveiling of this is currently on my local server: They will not give me any web support or add PHP and a simple database to my website because of their fear of security breaches. To bad, I was going to pay more for it! Oh well…..

Added Feb 9th 2004
I believe that I have found a proper sever to put my weBlog onto. I’ll know in a short while what is going on with that. I guess I’ll need to buy me domain name and see what exactly I need to sort the weBlog with. Getting the right package is going to be a learning curve for me.