Terrace BC Vacation Part 4: Relaxing at Lakelse Lake

Today is “Spending time with some of my family” Day, as my and my girl friend will spend all afternoon out at Lakelse Lake, barbecuing, and soaking up the Sun while spending it with my baby sister and her family. We were worried that the beach would be full, since after all this is a long weekend. To our surprise, the beach was almost empty on a picture perfect sunny day, in the middle of a long weekend. It is hot, much hotter than down in Vancouver, BC is. In fact, the weather up here is like mid summer compared to down South. This is fine by me. I plan on getting a tan today.

TERRACE Lakelse Lake Weblog Image May 22 2016 - 01

These images were taken as we got to the beach around 10:00am. Not one person was at our section of the camping site. It was beautiful! After a while, around noon, people started filing in, but for the most part, the beach was ours.

TERRACE Lakelse Lake Weblog Image May 22 2016 - 00

Sadly I did not bring my swimming gear, and sat on my lawn chair just enjoying the Sun with my girl friend, oh, and taking pictures too. My sister and her two kids, (one is 21 yrs, and the other is 17) did a lot of swimming, but mostly in the shallow parts of the lake. Her husband sat with us–he is not the swimming type guy either.

One thing that is bugging me; the name of the lake. I have known this lake for most of my life, and never wondered about its name until now. I have seen and read some maps and news articles about this lake, and some refer to it as Lakelse Lake, while others say just Lakelse. I wonder which is it? A mystery indeed.

It’s Valentine’s Day Today!

I was working feverishly yesterday getting my very special graphic all ready to send out for Valentine’s Day, and I got it done well before the evening was out. She loved it. Thank you. It was fun to to do, and is something that I enjoy doing–creating graphics. But, today is also someone’s birthday as well, someone very close to me (I will not mention names here). So every February 14th, is a spacial time of the year, and a reminder too, as I have a lot of bills due on this day as well.

Valentines Day - Arrow Through The Heart 2016 Weblog Image

Lets see…, website fees are due, car insurance, and some other annual fees are coming up too.  For some strange reason I do a lot of long term buying on this day?

From the girl who stole my heart, to the fun of creating 3D graphics, I love this time of year. Funny thing, it is the only time of the year when a guy can sit down and have fun creating pink hearts in 3D graphic software without feeling weird about it.

Hearts Galour 2016 Weblog Image

So, from Happy Birthday, to Happy Valentine’s Day, I wish you all the best. 🙂 You know who you are!

Mall Monkeys at K-Town

Yesterday I was talking to my mother, and the topic of my last visit to Kitimat came up. My parents lived up there way back in the ’90s when they moved from Toronto back to British Columbia. They lived in Kitimat for a couple of years before they migrated over to Prince Rupert in the North Coast of British Columbia. I told my mother about the trip to the local Mall in Kitimat, I believe it’s called the City Centre Mall, but I could hear her laughing over the other end of the phone before she told me about her time times spent there, “Mall Monkeys” was what she described.

You see, when I went into the Mall with my friend, it seemed to be exactly the same as it was when I was last there as a kid.  I noticed many people in the mall, both upper and lower sections had lots of people in it, but something was odd, out of place, when we started walking around. Now, this mall is small, when comparing Malls that I have been in over my life time in many other cities and towns. You can easily spend less than five minutes walking from one end of it to the other, both upper and lowers sections in one go. But what stuck out for me were these people who were just standing there, looking around, staring; it was rather creepy. But we kept on sightseeing, walking around, and then left town after about an hour before we went back to Terrace.

It was not until I brought it up with my mother that I recalled that feeling of weirdness at the mall. She then told me about people who go to that mall just to stand there and people watch. All these images that I had from my recent trip came flashing back. People that just go to the mall to stand in spot and people watch.

Imagine, “today I think I will go to the mall and stand in one spot for eight hours, and watch. Yes, that sounds like a plan for today.” O.K., weird. But what I saw that day did not make sense to me either, which added to the weirdness: these were not kids. In fact, what I saw were adults, say anywhere from their late twenties to close to retirement, standing there, gawking at people as they walked through the mall pass them. They just stood in one spot, never moving, except either to arrive, or leave for the day when the Mall closes, or maybe to deal with the call of nature. I can even imagine that turf wars must break out as some have their preferred spots to stand on.

After talking to my mother, I wondered if these might be the very same people today that she had seen back in the ’90s?

My Adventure Up in Terrace, BC

I visited my friend up in Terrace, BC, a four day trip, staying at her place. We drove around in town, and then down to Kitimat, and Rosswood, and then out towards the housing subdivisions around Terrace, even my old house that I grew up in. We did a whole bunch of things, having a great time, it was wonderful. But it was also business too; there is tones of work their, I mean really good quality work, and along with that finding a place to live is some what of a challenge becuase the economy is so good their, so I focused on seeing what I could do up their if I make the migration. I shot photos at every leg of my journey, almost 18GB of images and videos, so I quiet a bit of sorting to do over the next week or so.Kalum Lake - Terrace BC Oct 28 2015 Weblog Image

I want to stress how awesome the air is up their. When I stepped off of the plane on to the runway, I was hit with this wave of pure country air that almost sent my lunges into shock. I do not think I was ready for air so clean. The next shock was the stiff northern breeze, since it was an awesome clear day, under a nice high pressure weather system, the wind usually comes from the North, but the sunshine makes up for the cold wind.

The above image is at Kalum Lake, just 25 km North of Terrace. The water, the mountains, the air, just incredible. I was their on October 26, 2015, just after I arrived from the airport.

The second big shock is how nice the water tastes where I stayed. Unlike the water that comes from tap where I live, the water in Thornhill, the little community just East of Terrace where I stayed, is untreated pure spring water–just as pure as it can be.

Mountins at Kalum Lake - October 26 2015 Weblog Image

A close-up shot of one of the mountains on the other side of Kalum lake. I used my 300mm telephoto lens to shot this along with my Sony A77 camera. There was very little haze in the sky that day.

Rosswood Genral Store - October 26 2015 Weblog Image

Our destination was down-town metropolitan Rosswood, population, probably less than 500, or maybe 200, not many live their. They just got electricity a few years ago, and the road was paved about 15 or 20 years ago, so the little community grew from a few doted farms and cabins, to a healthy size community that it is today. Rosswood is an alternative to living in Terrace if you feel the rent and housing is too expensive for you there. You would be roughing it (in Rosswood) here though, like the pioneers did: no cable TV, high-speed Internet, and only only one General Store. Terrace would be where you go shopping for all your need, about a half hour drive if you stepped on it. 🙂

October Leaves in Thorinhill - Oct 26 2015 Weblog image

When we got back to her home in Thornhill, the setting Sun was casting its light over the valley, and the sky was a deep blue. I took this shot over at the maple tree looking up towards the West by her house. The weather was awesome–I was lucky to have it for most of my trip up North.

More to come on my trip! 🙂


Terrace Llfe: My Childhood Days

Going back to where I grew up after nearly three decades, was quite the experience. I was very fortunate to have my friend, and guide, to drive me around while I sat in passenger seat snapping photos at every turn and landmark. Right now I’m halfway through my trip, and I have some time to kill before we head to my next destination.

I will be leaving Terrace today, heading over to Kitimat, just 30km South of Terrace. I’m going down there to meet some friends, and and check out how Much the town has changed since I have being gone. I have already shot over 30gigs of photos and video, and should have some of them posted when I get back to Vancouver on Wednesday.

I will post more in a bit. Oh, and they had their first frost yesterday.

(Sorry for the spelling – typed it with my tablet – it’s a touch screen issue)


Thanks Giving! A Very Special Day Indeed – hint, hint…

Well, first off, happy Thanks Giving Day! O.K, I love holidays, and I love that Canada has made this time of year as a national holiday (obviously for other reasons) becuase there are other events in history that are even greater. (Grin). But for the purpose of this post, happy holiday! Enjoy the extra time off if you get today off from your work. If not, then enjoy the time-and-a-half pay, if you do not work for a cheap employer. Oh ya, I am relaxing!

Happy Thanksgiving Graphic - Thomasso 2015 - Oct 12 2015 Weblog Image

For me, not only do I get today off, but most of Tuesday as well. I planned it out so that I would get the maximum time allowed off from my work as I could without having to fill-out a time-off request form. So this is technically a four day holiday for me. Not bad for an employee with “bottom feeder” status on the seniority totem-pole.

Oh, I created the graphic using MyPaint – Linux.

The Alberta Election

I was at work when the election results were final. I remember switching on my tablet and logging onto the local wifi and browsing my sews feed. It was at that moment when I red the head line, “NDP will a Majority Government in Alberta,” that my chin dropped in disbelief. “A NDP government, in Alberta…, no way,” I thought to myself.

Yes, it is true. Just when I thought Canada could not get any weirder, Alberta throws a left hook right out of nowhere and changes what most thought was unspeakable change, it happens. From forty-four years of right-wing governments, to a sudden shift to the left. Wow. What happened?

Well, it just so happens that I have family living in Alberta, and they tell me it has more to do with being insulated by the current P.C. government  than anything else. The willingness to try something else as far as a new government goes, seems to have risen out of discontent from a stale old political party that mocked its people rather than deal with the market crises of falling oil prices. I guess people like what the new NDP leader had to say, and her platform seems to have hit that right note that Albertain’s want to hear.

Since I live in British Columbia, I wonder what kind of message this sends to the rest of Canada, especially Ottawa, as we have an upcoming Federal election this fall. Should the Federal Cons be worried?

I wish Alberta well, and I will be keeping an eye on how the NDP functions there as they enter their political term. If Mr. Spock was living in Vulcan, Alberta I am sure he would say, “Live long and Prosper!”

Meeting Half the Family After Twelve Years

It wasn’t the whole family, but myself and my two younger sisters managed to meet up in Burnaby, BC yesterday. A nice surprise, since both me and my other sister had not seen our baby sister in just over twelve years. Sadly, we could only meet for a few hours, but it was worth it, as spending any time with them is worth it becuase of the long distances we live apart from each other.

Metro Town Shopping Mall in Burnaby BC March 28 2015 Weblog Image

We decided to meet at the Metrotown Mall, or just right outside from it as our rendezvous. My baby sister came in from Prince Rupert, BC, and was staying in down town Vancouver becuase she was in town to watch a rock concert that was happening on Sunday (today). My other (second youngest) sister came in from Victoria, BC, especially for this meet up, and she brought her husband and youngest daughter over to the mainland as well, but staying a different hotel. But this qualified as a family reunion–a rare event in our books.

Metro Town - Sky Scraper in Burnaby BC March 28 2015 Weblog Image

The weather was typical for an early spring here in the Lower Mainland, lots of rain, overcast, and yet mild. The photos I posted in here spell out just how dark and damp the day was, but we had a great time at the restaurant we stayed at. Good food, a fake fire pit, and a nice big round table to accommodate all of us, made for a great time. I snapped a few gigabytes worth of photos, and then drove back home. Yes, it was a short get-together, but anything was better not meeting at all; and thanks to my sister Julia for being such a pain in the butt, dragging me out of bed to make sure I was part of the reunion.

Thanks guys, I had a wonderful time, and it was great to see you all again!

A Tribute to Spots

As promised to my niece, here is a tribute to her favourite animal on the farm, Spots the goat. So, Paulla, here is the last photo of him that I have (Spots in the one with his head hiding behind the gate post) as promised. This photo was taken last October just before he was moved over to the larger field across the road from me, and as far as I can tell, he is doing great. He is a lot bigger, as he can put his head over the fence without standing on it with his front legs, and he has a full set of horns too–a really big set. I still see him every now and then up along the fence, but I hardly ever get a chance to walk that far up the road from my place.

Spot and the Other Two Goats Weblog Image

As you can see in this photo, all the little goats now have horns. These were your favourites from your last visit here last summer, all grouped up so I could photograph them together.