Happy Thanks Giving (Canada)

It is the long weekend here in Canada, we like to do things earlier then everyone else in world, mainly becuase winter stars here before everyone else gets to have it. Another significant milestone on this day history, was me coming into the world, or I like to think, they made a holiday just for me. 🙂 OKay, I see you are not buying it. This year I am now designated as an “old fart status.” Not quite retired, but close, only becuase the Government of Canada screwed everything up so much and gave our wealth away. Another story for another time. The days are colder now, my eye sight is a fraction of what it used to be, thus the new monitors, Yes, I’m ready to call it quits in the labour markets.

The Autumn colours of the trees at the South end of my Lot, from Yesterday.

With the unusually damp summer we had this year, I thought winter would arrived early this year, but it did not. Instead, the fall season seems like it will drag out for another couple more months. This is why people ten not live here, but rather down in Vancouver, it does get cold here for long periods of time.

Now the other big issue this year have been bears. Not all animals living in the wild have gone extinct, bears roam quite freely, and in large numbers below, this bear we saw yesterday, just outside of downtown Rosswood, at first did not seem too afraid of use, but later did run off into the forest.

SO happy Thanks Giving day, and B-Day (to myself) and long weekend to everyone else!


Back to the Beginning, and Basics.

I totally upgraded my home PC, even threw in a brand new video card that now gives me dual monitor capabilities, that i have being longing for. Also adding a pile of new RAM, to a AMD 8 core CPU chip, should give me some kick-ass power that I never had before. Two 24inch monitors really brightens up the man cave. Also added a new wireless low profile  key board, with number pad. it make my typing better.

After waiting two week for all the parts to arrive from Amazon, by mail, I spent last weekend assembling the hardware, and then another week getting the software running to where I like it. The hardest part of all this has been recovering my pass words from long and forgotten websites that I took for granted. As I am now running Linux Mint my banking on-line connections need rejigging, and I have to install (or activate) the fire wall for my access point,to keep the CIA, Chinese and Russians hackers out.  my AttiSPAM seems to be working better than before, and virtually no ads creep in. (sorry Google). They can sell all the meta data they want, I do not want to see the ads.

Sometimes in life we need to start fresh, and a new. it is like changing your Identity, to protect yourself from big brother, and hackers. In some sense this is an illusion. It is like living in the free world. No such thing.

The upgrade makes me happy, a sense of accomplishment, meaning to true value. but most importantly the new speed of this baby. I am a happy camper.

Touch Me Not

Perhaps one of the coolest plants I have ever owned, a Touch Me Not, or Shy plant, it has many names, and this one is weird. What is unique about this plant, is how fast it reacts when you touch it. When you gently brush the leaves with your finger, the leaves close up, in real time! I kid you not. I have never seen anything like it, how ever, I wonder if a Venus Fly Trap plant does that same thing? Not sure I never owned one.

My Plant The Touch Me Not!

Another cool thing about this plant is sleeping habits. Yes, all of the leaves close up when the days ends, or becomes darker. and when you shine a really bright light on any of the leaves, they open up again. My girlfriend saw these in the Canadain Tire Store in Terrace, BC, so I bought one just to check it out. The plant is doing awesome, as I water it just once a day.

Mine is very healthy, and is flowering like crazy. it produces these little tiny pink puff-balls as flowers. and I’m assuming these will produce seeds, as I want a bunch of these in future.

Okay, now for the science stuff, (I think this part is important) its real name is “Mimosa pudica” and more information can be found at this link. so far it seems really easy to look after. of course I have only had one for less than three weeks, so time will tell. So far it looks like a hardy plant for this far North, living indoors, as this is a tropical plant that grows along the edges of roads. 

Southern Smoke in the Skeena Valley Skies

They say when a butter fly flaps its wings in the Southern hemisphere, it can create a storm in the storm in the North, also know as the Butterfly Effect. Well seeing all of this forest fire smoke from California, supports to that logic. As I looked towards the setting Sun on September 17, Thursday, 2020, the sky, although clear and mistakenly looked like summer was covered in the very high layer of haze, the smoke that drifted up into our area.  This is what I saw:

The image was taken from behind my home in Lower-Thornhill, BC. right before the last hour of sunset.

Today, September 19 marks the end of summer here in the Skenna Valley, as the clouds rolled in about 9:20 pm last night, and started their spew of rain at midnight. This morning I woke up to the pitter patter of rain drops hitting my bedroom window. “Yay,” I said to myself, “We are back to normal.”

Camping With Girl Power on Ferry Island.

Perhaps one the greatest honour is to be asked to go camping by your girl friend. And even greater honour if it is her tent. As the week looked awesome for one last week of summer we embarked on a camping trip to the city campsite of Terrace, BC, not a far drive from where we live, for some camping in the bush, if you can call it that.

The weather was warm, and it was not raining! The was very unusual for the Summer of 2020 here along the Pacific North Coast. You can see the fall leaves falling in the above shot, yes, the trees were changing colours, and dropping.

It was not all fun and game setting up the camp site, Suzette does have a mean streak in her, you can see as she was about to hit me with the ten poles. But she quickly got over it, then was back to her happy self.

When a girl does not want her photo taken, No no,no, no…. You get this. Really that is a smile behind that hand. LOL It is when the hand turns into a fist, then you run, for your life.

Then you get to a point when you cannot get the girl out of the shot.

Finally a shot without her. These are Skeena River Rocks, on the North end of Ferry Island. I was going for the Bokeh, or blurry back ground. It worked. I think people stacking rocks seems to be an unofficial human trait of marking ones territory. It may go back to our cave dwelling era–“See, I was here, and thank you for not peeing in public spaces.” Sending a message here with these rocks–I’m an advanced human–fear me. 

The Silhouette of Suzette. No she was not really changing, I asked here to pose like that for the shot. Sure she was reluctant at first, but then I explained what I was going after. A little tongue and cheek theatrics. Yup, I got them all, no more photos of the camping.

Remember the Day at the Lake.

Yes, it was way back in 2019, when we went out to the lake, not a care in the world, no masks, no fear of the  COVI-19 infection, just the cool breeze of the outdoor air and the feel of the warm lake sand between my toes. It was magical. The very beautiful women wearing their bathing suite covered in sand. the 2020 bummer summer has taken all that away. Only memories and old photographs left in the archives remind us that those days did exists.  Sigh.

August 2020 is so cold, I say blah, blah, blah…, to the threat of global warming, for 2020 anyway. Now crowds flock to the lake, fearing arrest as the Sun Worshiper humans begs for a normal summer, and the Government slowly takes our freedoms away with COVID -19 protocalls. All we want is a taste of a normal day, that is all, just a day where we can be free if infections. Gone are the walks along the beaches, with the sounds of children playing in the waves of water-gone. 

Toms Tomatoes

Like the titles says, it is harvest time here in Thornhill, BC, and today it is some tomatoes. Albeit I bought the small kind, or grape tomatoes, I have lots on each plant. I picked my first ripe ones today, and they were yummy. For the record, I have a small patio which I have six potted plants growing, but because this year has sucked for good weather, I am lucky that anything grew at all. These are a huge milestone, in my quest as a green thumb person.

These were the little guys before I devoured them. 🙂 …and they were tasty. yum. 

These were the first four I selected for eating. Super fresh at this point. I eat them like candy. They were super delicious.

This shot was a little blurry, but they were sitting on my kitchen table waiting for cleaning.

The moment was short, but worth it, I figure I have sixty more little red guys like these in the coming weeks, unless it starts to snow or something. After all September is only a few weeks away. do for the record, this year has been one of the worst summers in living memory. Today, when I got home, the happy hum of my furnace was busy pumping out warm air, as the outside temperature was less than 15C. LaNenena or what.

Off To The Port Of Rince Rupert, BC Land Of Rain.

Suzette and I decided to do a drive away from the Skeena Valley, so We left Terrace, BC and drove to Rince Rupert, BC, and to our total shock and surprise, we nailed a Sunny warm day while we were there, on August 16, 2020. I have photo to prove it! There were blue skies, and Sun  shinning through the clouds, but NO RAIN!!!! One for the history books.

As you can see in this image, Taken around 5:00pm on August 18, 2020, that indeed there was blue sky. But that did not last long, as the next weather system moved in that night, with lots of rain to spare. We took our time, driving around, then we visited my baby Sister who still live in Rupert, (she could be very well developing webbed feet from living there for so long.) I only lasted five years, from 1991 to 1995, so I was never effected. The town has changed, but in some ways, it had not. I could still get around with out any help.

We walked up and down the edge of the island, long the habour. soaking in the Sunshine,  There were lots of walkers too, some really nice bums too look at, if you are into female bums. Just keep you distance, they bite in these parts.

As the boats sailed off into the Sunset, we headed East back inland, to home. On the way it rained and was foggy too. I guess we fluked out weather-wise. It was worth it. Vacation almost over.

Under the Radish Tree I sit.

It has been said that due to our greed, arrogance, and stupidity, our weather climate had changed to the point that we are now experiencing one of the coolest summers in living memory. Yesterday, when I got home from my work, there, my radishes were fully submerged in water from the latest weather system covering the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada, My efforts included cutting hold on the bottom of the pots, to prevent water from accumulating, but I never anticipated the volume of water falling from the sky to be like this. Like a mirror, reflecting the sky, and under the surface, were rows of Radishes drowning. This is truly the year of the Bummer Summer.

The above image is my patio, with my tomatoes and radishes, covered in water from the rains.

Well, I’m not going to waste time and effort bashing government and the people’s ideology on capitalism from the perspective of climate change. I fear my blog host would find that ton too welcoming. It is ironic that the further South you go, the hotter and dryer it gets. Sure they get more Sun, but so extreme. At both ends of the scale, I am O Kay with the rain and cool temperatures. I look at the land they call California, USA, and smile, because we are connected by the same oecan, and mountain range, yet so different weather patterns.

All but my poor radishes love the rain like this. Maybe the solution is more holes?