Minus 13 Does Feel Warmer Than Minus 21

Yesterday, it warmed up to a nice blissful minus 13, and I thought I must be nuts, for thinking that? It felt warm. when you break it down in pure Mathematical terms, minus 13 is warmer, but still in day to day terms, still way below freezing. Yes, it was that cold here in Thornhill, BC. When I was driving to work, I still saw people walking to their destinations, walking in the middle of the road because the local government does not conditioner sidewalks a priority. So, they walk in the middle of the roads where is had been cleared. So as a driver, you need to be on your toes, at 5:00am.


SO Friday morning rolls by, I’m on my way to work, The wind is just screaming in from the North, and I look at the temperature read out on my car’s dashboard: Minus 13C. And yes, it felt warmer, or I getting use to the cold. The day before Thornhill was reaching minus 23C for a daytime high, but the sky was super clear out. An Arctic High.

It has been that cold here for the last week, as the Arctic outflow weather systems roll on by. Plus we did get a huge dump of snow, nearly 60cm ( a week ago) before it. Today, we have a mini storm that is giving us a few CM of snow, but the Temperature reached minus 8C (damn tropical compared to minus 21C.)


A Night Out – The Terrace Symphony Orchestra

As part of our “culture” requirements, me Suzette went for a night out to the R.E.M. Lee Theatre to see the Terrace Symphony Orchestra, with their performance called, “Music Through Time: 1680 – 2012 – Today,” at 7:00pm. And yes, this included lots of Halloween costumes, since part of the event featured a costume parade for the children, live on stage. It was a wonderful even, and we were entrained very well. For the evening out to this event, it was very reasonable in priced, at just only six dollars, all an awesome price for some live classical music, and great entertainment. Even one of the local school choirs sang two songs, with the Orchestra backing them up. And I shot some video!

The costume that some of the folks made were incredible. All the players and musicians dressed up for this. Some were cute, and others were very intricate. I think the guy in the Red Lobster suit looked awesome, and the and Cello player who dressed up as an Elf as Santa’s Little Helper, looked the most colourfull. Oh, and cannot for get the Energizer Bunny! LOL.

The above shot is the children who sang in the choir, called “The Ecole Mountainview School Choir,” who sang two songs. The event featured an audience sing-a-long, and a chance to be a Conductor, leading the Orchestra for one whole piece.  Four young people were chosen for that, and there were a couple volunteers who really hammed it up!

The video is the Costume Parade, with the music “The Teddy Bear Picnic,” playing in the background. I posted this up on YouTube, for all to see. It was a great event to watch, and next year, I highly recommend you get out to see them play.

Roundabouts and Terrace, BC

OK, we have all heard the news by now about the main highway from Smithers, and Kitimat, BC, going into Terrace, being changed from a four-way stop to a roundabout. And we all seem to have an opinion on this. So I did an unscientific pole at my work, just to see what everyone there felt about it. The comments were both interesting and entertaining, and full of myths and lore, of what will happen once the roundabout is in operation. But first, please have a look at the link from the British Columbia’s Government website, before I move on in this post.

Highway 16 and 37 Intersection (BC GOV CA, as of December 28, 2017)

So, the number one reason for not having a roundabout in Terrace, BC, is: No one will know how to use it, and there will be accidents galore as everyone tries to figure it out.

Number two: People from out of town will never figure it out.

And three: It will be a complete disaster during rush hour, as driver’s compete with the transport trucks motoring through the intersection.

When I first heard about the idea of replacing the intersection with a roundabout, I was a bit in awe. Having come from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, I have driven over a few roundabouts in my time. The most frequent roundabout I used was at McCallum Road and Highway 1 in Abbotsford, BC. To see this roundabout, please go to the BC Highway WEB-CAM link.  I was actually quite amazed at well it worked. When I seen it for the first time, I had no troubles navigating over it, as long as I knew which lane to be in. The marking on the road were quite clear about that. So, the one  about to be built in Terrace, should be the same.

The BC Government made this nice animation about how the traffic should flow while using the roundabout versus the existing four-way stop we have now.

Next is a propaganda video about the myths of roundabouts, and why they are better than four-way stops.

Anyway, my personal thoughts about having this intersection changed is a positive one. I see it as something that is badly needed, and was happy to hear that it will be built, starting in spring of 2019. I think this will be a boon for any highway traveller going through Terrace, BC.

No April Fool’s Joke Here, but I Uploaded a Video

April already, and as expected, I saw a few pranks out in the cyber universe, mainly the one on the KODI website which claimed it was taken over by the U.S. Government. Other than that, the other April Fool’s pranks were tame this year, that I could see.I was going to do a prank, but then decided against it. Not becuase I feared the consequences, but more towards my lack of energy and enthusiasm. With the head cold and a lousy week, I was spent, and slept in.

Today, I spent most of it preparing my small video for upload onto my YouTube channel regarding my first few attempts st using the Blender 2.78c 3D software’s Physic Engine with animation. I call the video “Smashing Cube 01.” I had been working these little video clips over the last two weeks, and though it would be neat to edit them altogether and then upload it to the net. Please check it out.

With laundry and my other weekend to-dos, I think I will spend it at home. It is trying to rain out, and the weather is cool and mild, so staying at home, in doors, will be as far as I go today.

From Another Era, the Forgotten Tapes.

This week has been spent working huge amounts of overtime at my work, so I am damn tired. This post has been a slow culmination of thoughts before I actually posted it–why its time-stamp is so out of sync here on my weblog. The point of this post is the discovery of some lost tapes that were from my younger days when I was a budding musician playing in a four member band in Southern Ontario way back in the late ’80s. These were items that I thought were lost forever back when my storage unit that I was renting was pillaged and plundered by ruthless thieves fifteen years ago in Langley City. Although most items were long gone, I thought that the studio tapes were gone along with them. But tucked away with some old music gear that I kept with me at the time, the tapes were hidden away in a safe compartment. (This song, “Those Were the Days,” 1968, by Mary Hopkin, reflects the way I felt when I saw the tapes yesterday)

Sadly, I no longer have access to a eight-track analogue real to real player, so it will be some time before I can hear those sounds of yesterday. But some of the comments written on the reels were quite inspiring when reading them after all these years. I had forgotten about one song that we wrote called, “To Far Gone for November (1988).” It had become apparent that the worse time of the year was November, and so the song goes, if anything bad happens, it usually starts, or ends, in November. I still laugh at that today.

Perhaps the more hunting qualities of finding these old tapes are how many fond memories I have way back then. I can say without a doubt that my Twenties, were the best days of my life–by any stretch. My youth sucked, along with high school and even my first job, but when I met these guys, Rob, Sean and Steve, and we plaid music together, well, life got a whole lot richer back then. Life has never been the same since! LOL The break up of the band was not as harsh as it seem it might be, only becuase we were ready. We grew up, and knew that it was time to go our separate ways, but when you spend that much time together in the jam-room, you become family. Maybe that was why those days were the best?

Sure, I sometimes think how nice it would be to go back to the world music, start another band, but then I love what I am doing now, why throw that away for some old memories of the good times. There is still time for more adventure, and many more good times to come, “never stop rocking,” I say!

So, until I find a reel to reel player for these tapes, I only have my memories to ponder the sounds of those days with. Here are to the boys, and Five Shot Sixer.

A Bear, a Kayak, and a Woman in Alaska.

My stomach is still sore from laughing after watching this video that I found the CBCNews British Columbia website today. Sure, on many levels I felt sorry for her, but then looking back at my personal experiences with black bears, she is damn lucky that animal did not start chewing on her while she screams at it. The video is short, and only shows her just before she fired a round of pepper-spray at it, then starts yelling at it not to eat her kayak. The bear starts happily gnawing the plastic kayak. Well, see for yourself as it is on YouTube.

According to the story, the woman had to swim to the sail-boat (you can see it in the video) for a ride to get her kayak fixed. What is funny is what she says in the video to the bear. At first I thought she was just a young girl, maybe a ten years old, or younger, but then I figured that she was way out of her element as someone who should not be out in the wilderness, alone, with the bears, but staying among other humans in the big city. Further follow up on the net showed that she is quite the adventurer with her husband in Alaska.

Source: “Bear eats Alaska woman’s kayak right after she thanks it for not eating her kayak” October 1, 2015 CBC News British Columbia.

The Tune Stuck In My Head

This week, it is “Rule the World,” by Walk Off the World (2015) a Canadian alternative rock group, from Burlington, Ontario, who formed way back in 2006 (according to Wikipedia) and are classified as Reggae Rock. I first heard this song while at work, where we listen to pipped music over the P.A. System. For me, it was the super strong female vocals that first made me pay attention to the catchy lyrics, but as time went on, the whole song became more embedded and ingrained.  It was at that point that I wanted to know more, and even made the plunge to purchase the music files.

Since getting their latest release, I have watched several YouTube videos, and followed them on the media. I am just amazed; they are very talented, and are world class entertainers.

FYI: The female band member, Sarah Blackwood, was kicked off a United Airline flight from the U.S. to Vancouver in May, 2015 becuase her 2yr old son was crying too much. Tell me a 2yr old who does not cry and never has cranky days?

CBCNews: “Walk Off the Earth singer Sarah Blackwood kicked off U.S. flight over crying son” May 28, 2015

A Friend Just Told Me, “My Life Is a Country Song”

A couple of days ago I ran into an old friend, a former co-worker, (back in the days when we were working for “The Big Box Store”) and we got caught up on each other’s latest news in life. He belted out this phrase, “My life is like a country song,” and I just about had to walk away from laughing so hard. He told me where he got it from, Aqua’s 2000 album called Aquarius, track three: Freaky Friday. So, naturally, I just had to have a copy of it.

Anyway, after talking to my friend Danny for about a half hour, I realized that he is just another person I now know of who is going through same hard times that everyone else is going through as Canada’s economy continues to “tank.” He has just been laid off from his job, (he quit “The Big Box Store” shortly after I did back in 2006), and his wife took a huge pay cut in her job to keep her position.  The huge difference is, he is taking it in strides, kind of thinking positive about what is going on around him, and he has a contingency plan, which saved his bacon.

As most people were doing what they were told to do, putting money away in various saving schemes at Banks, Danny was one of the first people I met who bought gold coins. Since he started buying, his investments have nearly tripled in value, and him and wife decided to pay off the remainder of their mortgage, about ten years worth to end there debts. He told me that now was the time to rid themselves of their debt load as he sees Bank interest rates ready to shoot upward.

So Danny is now one of three people that I know of that just recently has been laid-off. He was working for one of the big Telco’s in Vancouver, BC, and had been their for nearly ten years, and was let go with a Buy-Out package, if he left the next day. He took the Buy-Out, and decided that that was the perfect time to go on a vacation.

“Everything is gone, my life is a country song….”

As for my other two friends who were also just laid-off from their jobs, time has not been so good for them. Both have started their E.I. claims while they start their job searches. Both will have to do a lot of cutting to make due on their now limited incomes.

As for myself–damn happy that at least I am working, albeit far below to what I am accustomed to, but I keep reminding myself, we do live in the Harper era, and “cuts” is now a fundamental staple in most lives.  I have lowered my standard of living, and I am sure the numbers of other Canadians are as well, or we are just racking on the debt.

But anyway, I like this album by Aqua. The female vocals are weird sounding, yet fun to listen to. But what can I say, my tastes are becoming more weird by the day regardless–but I am always open to new stuff, as long as it is good.

“This is hard core 10-4…”

A Lazy Summer Day – The Back Yard: Video

I finally got my short little video edited and uploaded up to my channel on YouTube. It is just clips of flower shots from around my back yard that I shot from July 10, 2014. It has been well over 10 months since I uploaded something to my YouTube channel, so I figured with the little time I have now before I dive into work, I might as well try and upload something now. Here it is:

It is short, with very dirty editing, but I am happy with it. I used 720p format becuase going 1080p was taking so long to upload. All of this was shot using my Sony A77.

An Interesting Product: Great Marketing!

First off, I do not normally endorse commercials, or products here on my website, but this is an exception to the rule, only becuase I howled my guts all over the floor from laughing so much as this brilliant piece of marketing played out during a commercial break. Yes, I watched it again, just to follow though with all of the one liners that the blond British beauty spewed out while talking potty on her thrown. A very interesting product, and I wondered if this was just made up to create the content of this witty video?

PooPouri does exist, and is sold on Amazon.

I was watching a online documentary on Asteroids from the American Geological Magazine, when this commercial break popped up on my monitor. I was caught off guard as this classy, well dressed woman opens a bathroom stall door, only to stay: “You would not believe the mother load I just dropped.” I just stared, with my jaw on the keyboard, as the video moved from a barnyard, to an office, and a field of yellow flowers, all the while, the women is sitting on the same toilet.

Here, watch for yourself!

It is not hard to believe that this video has been viewed over 25.5 million times.